Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

You have several options:
1) use our online scheduler,

2) stop by, and we'll do our best to assist you, or

3) email us at for assistance or additional availability. 

E-mailing or stopping by are the best options if you can't make any of the posted hours.

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Meet the Tutors:



Hannah Myers

Major: English

Minor: Music & WGSX


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 Meet the Tutors

Of course, you may have already met the tutors; if you haven't visited them at the Center or attended a workshop they led, maybe you sat next to one in Principles of Biology, acted with one in a play, or played with one in the orchestra. The peer tutors have diverse interests, but they share three things in common: their love of writing, their skill in communicating, and their general awesomeness. They're good people to spend half an hour with. So come in and see them.

The 2013-14 tutors are listed below. 

Directors: and Brian O'Sullivan, Ph.D. and Ben Click, Ph.D.

See Dr. O'Sullivan's English Department Faculty Page.
Dr. O'Sullivan
Montgomery Hall 50


 See Dr. Click's English Department Faculty Page.

Dr. Click
Montgomery Hall 007
Library Annex 113
240-895-4253 (in Monty)
240-895-2190 (in LI 113) 

Assistant Director: Mandy Taylor 

Mandy is the Assistant Director of the Writing and Speaking Center. She graduated from St. Mary's in 2008 with her B.A. in English and in 2009 with her M.A.T.


Peer Tutors 

Hannah Myers 
Major: English
Minors: Music and WGSX

About Hannah:
Hannah is treasurer of TNA and is a facility manager at the ARC. She plans on pursuing a career in Public Relations and Communications upon graduation. She loves to travel, laugh, and sing, and thinks more time should be allowed for reading on the beach. She also has a huge crush on Leonardo DiCaprio, plus a weakness for double-stuff Oreos. 

Clarissa Rous


Minors: Environmental Studies and Music 

About Clarissa:
Clarissa has been writing for 13 years (and counting)! She recalls writing, at age 5, a story in which the colors of the rainbow got lost and had to find one another. Future attempts at fiction did not get much better. However, she enjoys writing essays for class and journaling for her own use. Philosophy and History rank among her favorite essay topics, but she is always willing to work on a Biology or Chemistry lab report! In her free time, you will likely find her reading, doing yoga, dancing, hiking, or creating artwork. She is very patient and loves to help out, so please don't hesitate to stop by! 


Lindsey Leitera


Majors: English and Political Science

About Lindsey:

Lindsey is a current Junior who frequently indulges in the practice of aimless Internet-browsing. Her favorite types of writing include personal essays, journalistic accounts, Social Science research papers and angry manifestos. Her spirit animal is the doge meme and in another dimension she fixes computers. She loves reading the newspaper, traveling, thinking about 3D printers, eating good food, debating current events and being a part of the Writing Center team! 


Due to website upgrades, the other 2014-2015 tutors are not yet listed here. To view their photos and bios, please visit the Writing Center and check out our "Meet the Tutors" bulletin board.