Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

You have several options:
1) use our online scheduler,

2) stop by, and we'll do our best to assist you, or

3) email us at for assistance or additional availability. 

E-mailing or stopping by are the best options if you can't make any of the posted hours.

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Meet the Tutors:



Hannah Myers

Major: English

Minor: Music & WGSX


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Tutor Resources

Use the links below to navigate to writing handouts and other resources. Some of these items also appear in other locations on the Center website, but this page lets you access them all from one place.

Writing Handouts: This is the Robot Tutor page, but most of our writing handouts (outline templates, miscellaneous strategies, etc.) are housed here. Use the links on the left hand side of the Robot Tutor page.

General Tips, Subject Specific Writing, and Career Writing: This is a collection of links to different writing resources. This includes basic grammar and organization, strategies for non-native speakers, discipline specific writing, and the Career Center's handouts for career writing.

Speaking/Presenting Resources: This page has a variety of links and resources to assist with speaking and presentation assignments.

Scheduler Handbook: This is the electronic version of the Scheduler handbook.