To The Point Student Handbook 2014-2015


Process for Resident Students 

  1. Resident students must purchase a parking decal that is specific to a particular lot in their residential neighborhood.  The Business Office will sell only as many decals in each residential lot as there are spaces.  
  2. Students will identify their priorities for which lots in the neighborhood they prefer to be assigned at the time of parking registration and payment.  
  3. Lots will be designated by letter only.  Decals will display a corresponding assignment letter. 
  4. Assignments will be made on a first-come, first-choice basis except for first-year students who will be assigned to Lot T (Guam).  
  5. Students who are unable to get their first choice will be considered for their second choice, etc. 
  6. Permit fees remain unchanged and are identical for all lots ($100).  
  7. Based on residential neighborhood, non-first-year students will choose among the following lots: 


    1. Townhouses, Lewis Quad, and Waring Commons:  Lots R (Townhouse), S (Waring Commons) and T (Guam) 
    2. Prince George, Caroline, and Dorchester:  Lots X, Z, and T (Guam) 
    3. Queen Anne:  Lots M (Queen Anne) and T (Guam) 
    4. Calvert:  Lots C (Anne Arundel north) K (Campus Center) and T (Guam) 

Commuter Students 

Parking for commuter students is provided in Lots T and Z.  Commuter students may also park at the Campus Center and Anne Arundel lots.

Visitor Parking 

On-campus parking for visitors is available in Lots K, H, I, T, and Z.  Visitors to the campus should obtain a campus parking permit from the Office of Public Safety.  Please consult the Parking Lots Assignment Guide, available from Public Safety, for additional information. 

Enforcement and Towing 

All student, faculty, and staff vehicles parked on the grounds of St. Mary’s College of Maryland must display a campus-issued parking decal, and all visitors must display a parking pass. Vehicles parked on campus must follow all state and College parking regulations. All vehicles in violation of College parking regulations will be issued a citation and towed at the owner’s expense under the following conditions: 

  1. Display of a lost, stolen, expired, or fraudulent St . Mary’s College of Maryland parking permit. 
  2. Parking in a designated handicap area, handicap access or fire lane (as designated by Maryland state law). 
  3. Parking of a vehicle that restricts access to a loading dock, building air-intake area, dumpster, or bus access lane. 
  4. Stopping, standing, or parking that restricts traffic flow or creates a traffic hazard. 
  5. Parking on designated emergency snow routes and parking lots. 
  6. Any abandoned vehicle may be issued a citation and/or towed when it meets the following criteria: 
    1. Parked on St. Mary’s College campus property, Historic St. Mary’s City property, or Trinity Episcopal Church property for forty-eight (48) hours or more and does not display a valid state motor vehicle registration plate or St . Mary’s College of Maryland parking permit without notification and approval from the Office of Public Safety. 
    2. Failure to immediately move a vehicle upon notification from the Office of Public Safety. 
    3. An accumulation of four (4) or more parking citations (paid or unpaid). 
    4. Agreements with specific towing services will be made to include but not limited to the following: 
      1. Each vehicle to be towed will be issued a citation and towed at the owner’s expense. 
      2. The vehicle owner/operator is responsible for the towing fee when the towing vehicle has left the business and/or has arrived at the site, unless another agreement is reached between the tow service provider and the vehicle owner/operator. 
      3. St . Mary’s College of Maryland and the Office of Public Safety will not be held responsible for damage resulting from towing or immobilization of vehicles or items of personal property of value left within the unattended motor vehicle parked on campus. 

Additional Information 

Parking permits are $100 for a full year.  If you will not require a parking permit for the spring semester due to graduation, study abroad, withdrawal, or leave of absence, a $50 credit will be given.  To receive credit, your parking decal must be turned into the Business Office during the first two weeks of classes of the spring semester.  

Parking registration information is available on the Portal Student Account tab after July 1 for the following year.  For other questions or information, contact the Office of Public Safety (240-895-4911).