To The Point Student Handbook 2014-2015

Computer Violations

The Office of Information Technology reserves the right to immediately suspend access to computer accounts (email, Portal, BlackBoard), computer lab machines and RESNET Internet privileges for any violation of the Computer Ethics Statement, the Appropriate Use Policy, or malicious damage to computer equipment. If there is a violation, one or both of the following steps will be taken:

  1. The student will receive an email instructing him/her to go to the Office of Information Technology to sign a letter of verbal warning. This letter may be forwarded to the student conduct officer.
  2. The student's account may be disabled and a letter with evidentiary documentation will be sent to the student conduct officer for conduct action. The student's account will remain disabled until the Office of Information Technology receives notification from the student conduct officer regarding the outcome of a conduct hearing.

The following activities are examples of violations that may result in suspension of computer access, pending a conduct hearing:

Violations are not limited to the outlined examples. Please refer to the Appropriate Use of College IT Resources policy at for additional information.

At any time, a student who feels he/she has been unjustly accused has the right to speak to the assistant vice president for information technology and, in his/her absence, a member of the Office of Information Technology  senior staff.