Upcoming Events

  • April 17
    Opening Night, Shakespeare in Hollywood, 8:00 p.m., Bruce Davis Theater, Montgomery Hall. For reservations, call the Theater Box Office @ 240-895-4243 or email boxoffice@smcm.edu. cost: $.
  • April 18-27
    Performances continue, Shakespeare in Hollywood, 8:00 p.m. evenings, 2:00 p.m. matinees, Bruce Davs Theater, Montgomery Hall. For reservations, call the Theater Box Office @ 240-895-4243 or email boxoffice@smcm.edu. cost: $.
  • May 2
    Last day of regularly scheduled classes.
  • May 7
    TFMS Night, 7:00 p.m., a celebration of students' work in theater, performance, and film/media, Bruce Davis Theater, Montgomery Hall. Free and open to the public.


TFMS Alumni
Where Are They Now?

Megan Rippey

Megan Rippey (class of 2008, B.A. women, gender, and sexuality studies, minor in theater studies) recently completed her M.F.A. in acting at the California Institute of the Arts (class of 2013).


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Student-Faculty Conference

Dancing on the EarthDuring spring semester of their junior year, each major will be scheduled to meet informally with the full department faculty in order to discuss the range, strengths, and weaknesses of their current achievements in departmental curricula. Conferences will address each student's record and progress of work in TFMS classes, shops, rehearsals, and performances. The faculty will address the quality of each student's accomplishments in the major, discuss the student's future plans, and advise students about possible routes toward reaching their goals.

Here's what students have had to say about their conferences:

Josh Bristol, 2008, B.A. theater studies: So my junior conference was pretty much the most awesome thing. I was thinking of putting it off a year since I knew I wasn't graduating on time, but someone convinced me not to and it was very fortunate. It was that conference that got the ball rolling for me to direct SubUrbia on the main stage. If I hadn't directed SubUrbia I doubt I would have developed the skills and confidence as a director that have allowed me to continue directing outside of college. Also, that conference got me hooked up with 2 ASM gigs in NYC through Joanne Klein, so I got to spend that summer living in NYC and learning first hand what professional theater was all about. Without my junior conference I wouldn't have gotten to do either of these things, which contributed greatly to the development of my skills in and knowledge of theater.

Graham Pilato, 2004, B.A. theater: I appreciated very much having the conference. I'd encourage anyone to do it. It's a rare chance to have all of the TMFS faculty right there, supporting you, in one room. I'd [take advantage of the conference], if I could. I brought all I could to that meeting; I remember, lots of ideas and plans.

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