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  • September 4
    TFMS Open House, 7:30-8:30 p.m.+, Bruce Davis Theater, MH. Come enjoy the party! Mandatory for declared and intended TFMS majors.
  • September 9-10
    Auditions, Much Ado About Nothing, 6:00-10:00 p.m., Bruce Davis Theater, MH. Contact the director, Michael Ellis-Tolaydo, for information.
  • September 22
    Eighth Annual TFMS Film Series, with filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer ("The Act of Killing"), 7:15 p.m., Cole Cinema, Campus Center. Free and open to the public. 
  • October 20
    Eighth Annual TFMS Film Series, with filmmaker Lynne Sachs ("Your Day Is My Night"), 8:15 p.m., Cole Cinema, Campus Center. Free and open to the public.
  • October 30-31
    Performances of "Falling Man, a dance-art project," with Leonard Cruz & Caitie Sullivan, 8:00 p.m. (Oct. 30) & 4:30 p.m. (Oct. 31), Boyden Gallery, MH. Free and open to the public.


TFMS Alumni
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Megan Rippey

Megan Rippey (class of 2008, B.A. women, gender, and sexuality studies, minor in theater studies) recently completed her M.F.A. in acting at the California Institute of the Arts (class of 2013).


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Requirements for the Film and Media Studies Major

In addition to satisfying the general college requirements, students majoring in film and media studies must complete 48 credit hours of course work in the TFMS department with a grade of C- or above. Following is a list of required and elective courses that satisfy the film and media studies major. Courses are four credit hours, unless otherwise noted; those courses marked with an asterisk should be completed by the end of the sophomore year. (For more information about the film and media studies curriculum and about course offerings in TFMS, visit the College Catalog.)

1. Required courses:
*TFMS 130: Idea into Performance
*TFMS 200: Theater in History or TFMS 300: Modern Theater
*TFMS 220: Introduction to Film and Media Studies
*TFMS 221: Film and Media Production Modes
*TFMS 228: Media Production I
TFMS 320: Film History

Movie audience in 3-D glasses2. Two courses chosen from:
ASIA 305: Chinese Cinema
HIST 380: History of Russian and Soviet Cinema
ILAS 350: Latin American Cinema
POSC 373: Politics and Film in the Third World
TFMS 315: Japanese Film
TFMS 326: World Cinema
TFMS 420: Mediated Bodies: Gender, Race, and Class on Stage and Screen
Any topics or experimental course numbered 300 or higher and cross-listed in TFMS

3. Two courses chosen from:
ART 212: Introduction to Photography
ART 214: Introduction to Digital Media Art
TFMS 171: Elements of Design
TFMS 230: Acting I or TFMS 234: Acting for the Camera
TFMS 328: Media Production II
TFMS 340: Directing for the Stage
TFMS 346: Screenwriting
TFMS 374: Lighting Design
TFMS 375: Costume Design for Stage and Screen
TFMS 376: Scenic Design for Stage and Screen

4. One course chosen from:
ARTH 316: Modern Art, 1850-1970
ARTH 317: Contemporary Art: 1970 to Present
TFMS 325: Documentary Practices
TFMS 422: Horror Film: Of Monsters and Monstrosities
TFMS 425: Advanced Topics in Film and Media

The Balcony5. Senior Experience. This requirement may be satisfied in one of two ways:
a) Four additional credit hours of course work taken from the 400-level course offerings in theater, film, and media studies, including any approved topics or experimental courses cross-listed in TFMS; or
b) *TFMS 493/494: St. Mary's Project: With the approval of the department chair, this requirement may be satisfied by completing eight credit hours of the St. Mary's Project in any discipline or cross-disciplinary minor.
6. Theater productions. Satisfactory work on at least one major theater production in a position of responsibility. Film and media studies majors must enroll in TFMS 370: Studio (zero credit, pass/fail) at least once in order to satisfy this requirement.

7. *TFMS 493/494: St. Mary's Project (SMP):

A St. Mary's Project (SMP) in film and media studies is a two-semester, eight-credit independent, original course of study in film and media studies. The project may be scholarly (e.g. a written thesis or research paper) or artistic (e.g. screenwriting, film/video making) in nature, but all projects must address reciprocity between theory and praxis and should encompass an appropriate range of liberal arts disciplines. Projects must receive the prior approval of a faculty member in TFMS. All projects will lead to some form of public presentation. Students undertaking an SMP in film and media studies must submit a formal proposal that will fulfill the College and department guidelines for an SMP to their mentor no later than the eighth week of the semester preceding the academic year during which the work will begin. In other words, this deadline will occur during your junior year.

See guidelines and application procedures for proposing a St. Mary's Project in TFMS.

See recommended framework for completing the requirements of the film and media studies major in TFMS.

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