The Green St. Mary's Revolving Fund (GSMRF)

What is GSMRF?
The Green St. Mary's Revolving Fund  (GSMRF) is a revolving loan fund that supplies money for green projects for St. Mary's College of Maryland.

How does it work?
When GSMRF funds a sustainable project, money from the revolving loan fund pays for part or all of that project.  Green projects are designed to save the College funds and energy, so the funds that are saved by the green project go back into the GSMRF even after the project has been paid for.  In this way, the GSMRF gets larger and larger and can fund more sustainable projects as time goes on.

Students pay fees of $35/year to buy into the GSMRF.  A portion of those fees ($25/student/year) goes to purchasing REC's, which help to reduce our carbon footprint.  The other portion of those fees ($10/student/year) goes directly into the GSMRF fund.  These fees were voted in by the students of SMCM in 2007.  The SGA also gives money to the GSMRF each year as a percentage of the subtotal of their budget (2.5%).

Why do we have a GSMRF?
The students of SMCM are dedicated to the environment and determined to make this campus and the world a better place than when they started.  Reducing our carbon footprint has always been a priority in the daily lives of both students and staff.  In accordance with our Carbon Neutrality plan, we need to continue to work towards a 100% carbon-neutral goal by 2020, and this is impossible without adequate funding.  The GSMRF plays a vital role in not only funding student-designed green projects, but also ensuring that those projects are going to be sustainabile and worthwhile to the college for many years to come.  In addition, the SGA regularly funds green initiatives, but it never reaps the benefits of the savings from those projects.  When projects are funded by the GSMRF, more of the SGA's funds can be diverted to other activities.  

Past Projects:
Reusable Oyster Shells 
Geothermal Unit in River Center (50%)
Geothermal Unit in Admissions (100%)
LED campus conversion

How to get involved: 

  1. Come up with a green idea that could benefit the school
  2. Speak to a staff or faculty member who would be willing to be your Adviser (Sustainability Fellow counts!)
  3. Fill out our updated GSMRF Proposal.
  4. If the Sustainability Fellow approves the proposal, then the project can progress!