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Kelly A. Smolinsky
Student Conduct Officer

Location: The Office of Student Conduct is located in the Campus Center, Room 150.

Phone: 240-895-3181
or 240-895-4208
Fax: 240-895-4898


Students who go through the conduct process and have been found responsible for violating the Code of Student Conduct will be assigned sanctions as a result of the hearing. Possible sanctions are as follows:

  1. Warning: Written or verbal notice that the student has been found in violation of a specific regulation, and that repetition or continuation of this violation may result in further disciplinary action.
  2. Restitution: Reimbursement by the student to the College or a member of the College community to cover the cost of damage to or misappropriation of property.
  3. Restriction: Withdrawal or restriction of certain privileges for a specified period of time.
  4. Work Sanctions: The assignment of tasks or work appropriate to the violation, which will benefit all or part of the College community.
  5. Educational Sanctions: Assignments imposed in an attempt to serve an additional educational purpose. These "educational projects" may include any of the following (this list is not exhaustive): educational newsletter, interview with a professional in the community, creating a bulletin board, planning and implementing a program, or writing a paper on a related topic.
  6. Mandated Assessments:  Mandated assessments are performed at the Counseling and Health Center by trained clinicians.  Student Conduct is the referring office for mandated assessments.  A referral may be made for a student who has demonstrated a significant history of concerning behavior that may indicate a disposition toward alcohol or drug abuse or addiction, or inappropriate behavior.  The referred student will attend two or three mandated assessment sessions with a clinician.  Counseling Services does not provide mandated counseling.  The above sessions are for assessment purposes only and do not constitute therapeutic intervention.
  7. Disciplinary Probation: An official and final warning directing the student to exhibit good conduct during a specified probation period. Further violations during this period will require that the student automatically return to the conduct system and, if found in violation once more, face a more severe sanction.
  8. Housing Contract Revocation: Temporary or indefinite separation from living in on-campus housing.  Housing contract revocation may also involve restriction from all housing facilities.
  9. Disciplinary Suspension: A temporary separation from the College with the right to apply for re-admission to the dean of students.  The terms of the suspension may be set or indefinite, and special conditions upon re-admission may be designated.  He or she loses all privileges of a regularly enrolled student and is required to leave campus.  No room refunds apply in such cases.  However, students are eligible for board refunds according to the College's established policy.  Students placed on conduct suspension will receive a W for "withdraw" on their academic transcripts.  Any suspended student who returns to the campus during the suspension period is subject to expulsion unless he or she has prior written approval from the associate dean of students or the dean of students.
  10. Expulsion:  A permanent termination of a student's status at the College for disciplinary reasons.  No room refunds apply in such cases.  However, students are eligible for board refunds according to the College's established refund policy.  When a student is expelled from the College, the parents are notified.  Expelled students are not allowed on campus.  Any expelled student may submit a written request for access to the campus to the dean of students no earlier than June 1st, three years after their date of expulsion.
  11. Parent Notification:  Correspondence from the student conduct officer to the responsible student's parents or guardians regarding violation(s) of the College Alcohol and/or Drug policy.  All correspondence with parents and guardians will be conducted in compliance with FERPA.

Student Organization Sanctions
Sanctions may be imposed upon a student organization that has been found in violation of campus regulations as follows:

  1. Sanctions listed above in Article VII, Section 1. 
  2. Loss of selected rights and privileges for a specified period of time.
  3. Deactivation: Loss of all privileges, including College recognition, for a specified period of time.

Minimum Expected Sanctions: Some violations of the Code of Student Conduct may lead to specific sanctions, depending on any mitigating circumstances. These sanctions are set as a guide to help maintain consistency within the system but the sanctions can be adjusted on a case by case basis to account for any mitigating circumstances.