New Family Meal Rates in the Great Room!

  • The employee discount meal rate of $7.50 for lunch and dinner will now apply to Employees and to their families.

  • The employee discount rate of $3.75 for breakfast will now apply to Employees and to their families.

  • The children's rate for meals remain in effect - Children Under 12, rates are, $2.50 for breakfast, $3.75 for lunch or dinner Children 0 - 2, meal is free.

Monthly Staff Recognition Award

Congratulations to:

Danielle Doubt (January)

Kelvin Clark (February)

Kriante Plater (March)

Nominate a staff member today!

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Communications Committee

Members of this committee inform the staff of the mission, membership, and major actions of the senate through maintenance of the staff senate website; promote a sense of community and appreciation among staff through publication and distribution of a periodic newsletter; and consider, develop and promote new channels of communication among staff as warranted.

Current Members:

Angie Draheim (chair)
Katie Lange
Kathy Lewin


  • Collect information from staff, via direct communication or via area senators, to organize and produce 4 Staff Newsletters during the academic year (October, December, February, and May).
    • Aim to highlight personal and professional achievements, personal and professional milestones, and any (maybe not-so) hidden talents of SMCM staff
    • Aim to inform staff of 1) initiatives of Staff Senate Committees 2) Senate & Campus Community Events 3) changes in staff, programs, and/or resources

  • Develop and maintain a public website to highlight the existence of our Senate and promote transparency.