New Family Meal Rates in the Great Room!

  • Kids 2 and under FREE!!!

  • Breakfast Rates
    Kids (3-12yrs.) - $ 2.55;
    Adults: $3.85

  • Lunch, Brunch, Dinner
    Kids (3-12yrs.) - $ 3.85
    Adults: $7.65

Monthly Staff Recognition Award

Congratulations to:

Danielle Doubt (January)

Kelvin Clark (February)

Kriante Plater (March)

Andrew Keiper (April)

Stacey Goddard (May)

Katie Guy (June)

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Bylaws Committee

Members of this committee develop bylaws in consultation with other senators; and conducts an annual review of the bylaws for possible amendment and coordinates the amendment process for any suggested changes; and makes editorial changes necessary for purposes of clarity and to ensure that bylaws conform to changes in organizational structure of the college. The most recent ammendments to the bylaws were approved by the Staff Association on April 3, 2014 and then approved by the Board of Trustees on May 16, 2014.

Current Members:

Dan Schell (chair)
Kyle Bishop
Angie Draheim
Kelly Hernandez