New Family Meal Rates in the Great Room!

  • The employee discount meal rate of $6.50 for breakfast, lunch and dinner will now apply to Employees and to their families.

  • The children's rate for meals remain in effect. For children 3 - 12, rates are: $2.50 for breakfast, $3.75 for lunch, $5.50 for dinner. Children 0 - 2 eat for free.

Monthly Staff Recognition Award

Congratulations to:

Danielle Doubt (January)

Kelvin Clark (February)

Kriante Plater (March)

Andrew Keiper (April)

Stacey Goddard (May)

Katie Guy (June)

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Bylaws Committee

Members of this committee develop bylaws in consultation with other senators; and conducts an annual review of the bylaws for possible amendment and coordinates the amendment process for any suggested changes; and makes editorial changes necessary for purposes of clarity and to ensure that bylaws conform to changes in organizational structure of the college.

Current Members:

Clint Neill (chair)
Angie Draheim
Andy Keiper