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Remembering J. Frank Raley

"You knew what the problems were of St. Mary's. You identified them: education, roads, schools, the courts, the public water and sewer needs of St. Mary's County. But I do remember specifically you speaking to the future of St. Mary's: having clean industry, because of the fragility of the shoreline, to protect the environment. We could not have heavy industry in St. Mary's County. We needed to have research and development and high-tech industry, which would complement the base. And a lot of people at that time were very skeptical. In fact, I was as well. I could not see St. Mary's County ever becoming what it is today: a technology corridor for the state of Maryland. That was your dream and your vision."

- Judge John H. Briscoe, speaking to J. Frank Raley in a StoryCorps interview conducted in coordination with the Southern Maryland Regional Library Association (2009). 


The Mulberry Tree Papers, Winter 2012

"A visionary leader." 

College-wide Email, from St. Mary's College of Maryland President Joe Urgo

"Today, St. Mary's College of Maryland lost one of our greatest champions."

Looking Back: Was It Worth it?, by Henry Arango

In this short essay, Henry Arango considers Senator Raley's impact by placing himself in the senator's shoes. 



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