About the Series

St. Mary's College of Maryland's River Concert Series, winner of the Maryland Tourism Impact Award, is designed to provide the citizens of Southern Maryland with high-quality, professional performances throughout the summer, enriching the cultural offerings of our region while raising the profile of Southern Maryland throughout the state. The Chesapeake Orchestra, the resident ensemble of the River Concert Series, offers programs whose musical themes are designed to reach the broadest possible audiences.

The repertoire of the Series ranges from serious classical composition, to light classics, to jazz. As part of the Series' mission, genres such as Bluegrass and Blues are fused with orchestral instrumentation to develop new audiences. Nationally prominent artists and bright new talents fill the roles of soloists and narrators. These outdoor concerts strive to be family friendly, creating an atmosphere that brings our community together. The River Concert Series' regular outdoor summer concerts have become a vital element of our community life and are an important tool in the economic development of the region.

History of the River Concert Series

Since 1999, the River Concert Series, under the musical direction of Jeffery Silberschlag, has delivered high-quality, world-class performances in a wide spectrum of musical stylings to over 250,000 enthusiastic audience members. Over the years, the concerts have grown in size and prestige with outstanding contributions from many distinguished musical artists, as well as the exceptional performances from the River Concert Series resident ensemble, the Chesapeake Orchestra.

The River Concert Series Resident Orchestra: The Chesapeake Orchestra

Founded in 1995, by Jeffrey Silberschlag, the Chesapeake Orchestra is dedicated to developing the availability of cultural, diverse and enlightening musical experiences for the whole family.  The Orchestra is comprised of accomplished musicians, as well as some up-and-coming fresh faces. The Chesapeake Orchestra has performed at River Concert Series since its inception in 1999, they also perform regularly at a number of other venues in the area such as Leonardtown Square and Sotterley Plantation. Most recently the Orchestra has expanded its program to include a variety of other venues in Southern Maryland.

For more information about the Chesapeake Orchestra visit their website.