St. Mary's College of Maryland

Facilities & Services: J-Z

Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities are located in each residence area: the first floor of each traditional hall, the second floor of Calvert Hall, in the common buildings in Lewis Quad and Waring Commons, and in DPC for those living in the townhouses. All machines will accept coins and the College’s One-Card (see the One-Card section for additional information). Washers and dryers each cost $1.25 per load. St. Mary’s participates in the “e-suds” program, which means that students can check the availability of washers and dryers online, pay for laundry with their student ID, and receive email notification when their laundry is done. See for more information. Our laundry services are provided by Caldwell & Gregory.

All residents are responsible for the condition of the laundry room. Billing for damage to this area will be initiated when appropriate and necessary. Please be considerate of other students who need to use the machines; do not leave laundry sitting in them. Generally, machines get used heavily during the evening hours, so you might consider doing laundry during the early morning hours if possible. Please refrain from over-filling the machines as this will reduce their ability to properly wash and dry your clothes. Tampering with the machines will result in breakdowns, and fewer machines will be available for use. These machines use strong electrical currents that may be dangerous if you tamper with the operating mechanism. If a machine is not working, please notify a member of the Residence Life Staff or call the service number posted in the laundry room (1-800-927-9274 or

Light Bulbs

Light bulb replacement for College light fixtures will be provided by the Maintenance Department.

Living-Learning Center (LLC) and Affinity Housing Programs

For academic year 2012 –2013, we will have several LLC programs in the residences. The International Languages and Culture (ILC), Women in Science House (W.I.S.H.), Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSX), and EcoHouse LLCs will be housed in Waring Commons. In addition, affinity housing for students wishing to live in a substance-and alcohol-free environment (the SAFE house) will be available in Queen Anne Hall and Waring Commons apartments and suites.

Students participating in an LLC program work closely with faculty from the selected major or concentration to provide programs of interest relating to the major or concentration. These programs may include tutoring assistance, trips to Washington D.C. museums or plays, lectures, book or movie discussion nights, dance performances, etc. Students who live in the LLC must be registered for a course relating to the LLC topic area, and are responsible for planning and implementing programs of interest for students or the community each semester. They receive at least one credit of independent study per semester.


If you are locked out of your residence hall room, suite, apartment, or townhouse, please contact the building’s staff office, the Office of Residence Life, or Public Safety.

Lost and Found

Looking for something? Check first with your building’s staff office and then try Public Safety, which is the College’s official Lost and Found. Lost mailbox keys are sent to the Information Desk at the Campus Center.

Maintenance Requests

Due to the opening of the academic year and the effort needed to get all facilities properly maintained, from August through the beginning of September, students should contact the Office of Residence Life to report maintenance problems. From September 1 on, students can call Physical Plant (ext. 4287) directly to report emergency maintenance problems (see the list below). If you have a non-emergency request, please submit it to your Resident Assistant, who will contact Physical Plant via the on-line maintenance request system and receive a work order number for follow-up. When reporting a maintenance problem, please be sure to give a contact name and phone number. If you are reporting a problem with your combination lock, please provide the current combination when reporting the problem. Work orders are usually handled within a few days. However, if the problem is not rectified within five work days, please contact the Office of Residence Life (ext. 4207). Emergency maintenance requests are typically handled within 24 hours. If you have an emergency maintenance request after 5:00 p.m., please report it to the Office of Public Safety (ext. 4911). Public Safety will contact a maintenance staff member as noted within Union regulations.

The following are examples of emergency requests:

  • No hot water 
  • No heat in the building (heating season only) 
  • Broken lock on room door 
  • Overflowing toilet (please note: one non-functioning toilet in a traditional hall bathroom is not considered an emergency and will be repaired the next work day) 
  • Other problem with water which has potential to cause or is causing property damage 
  • Broken cardkey system 
  • Broken window in an occupied student room 
  • Cleanliness issues involving large amounts of bodily fluids (blood, etc.)


All mattresses on campus are extra-long (36” x 80” x 7”). Please be sure to bring the linens of the right size.


Each staff in the North Campus area (Lewis Quad, Waring Commons, and the Townhouses) produces a monthly newsletter. Please read them. They contain important information, upcoming program announcements, trivia contests, interesting Web sites, approaching deadlines, etc. Staff members either deliver the newsletters to each room, suite, apartment, and townhouse unit or post them electronically. To submit an item for your area newsletter, please contact your RHC.

Staff Offices

Staff offices in each area provide you with ready access to information and services. In Caroline, Dorchester, Prince George, and Queen Anne halls, they are located on the second floor, just inside the front door. The Calvert office is located on the third floor. The Lewis Quad staff office and the Waring Commons staff offices are in the common buildings adjacent to the recreation rooms. The townhouse staff operates out of the Lewis Quad office (located next to the recreation room). Building staff are available in the staff office during the evening so that residents may check out vacuums, board games, recreational and kitchen equipment, or get information about the campus. Building staff also assist with individual problem-solving and respond to maintenance concerns. Staff members make rounds through the building and into the suites, visiting the residents and providing assistance.

The offices are staffed as follows:

CD, DD, PG, QA: Sunday—Thursday 8:00 p.m. - midnight
Friday—Saturday 9:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.
CH: Friday—Saturday 9:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.
LQ: Monday—Thursday 8:00 p.m. - midnight
Friday—Saturday 9:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.
WC: Sunday—Thursday 8:00 p.m. - midnight
Friday—Saturday 9:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m
Townhouses: Sunday, Thursday 8:00 p.m. – midnight
Friday—Saturday 9:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.

Summer Housing

Summer housing is handled through the Office of Residence Life. Any student needing to live on campus between graduation and Governor’s Cup weekend for on-campus summer employment or summer school should contact the Office of Residence Life for more information.

Applications for summer housing are available each year starting in March. Limited housing is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Generally, students employed at least 20 hours per week during the summer receive housing. Students living on campus during the summer are subject to the policies listed in the Student Handbook and on the summer housing contract. Violations of the College Code of Conduct and/or the summer housing contract may result in loss of housing for the summer and possible disciplinary action.

Telephone Service

Campus and local telephone calls can be made at no cost. Residence hall rooms and townhouses are furnished with telephone jacks. Please contact the Office of Information Technology for details about campus phone service and long distance calling. At this time, Verizon Wireless provides the best cell phone service in this area.


In August 2003, the College installed satellite-delivered resident cable TV, providing a wider selection of channels for both entertainment and education. If you have a television set, you will need to purchase an RG-59 coaxial cable with 2 male F-59 connectors. These are available at the Campus Store, Lowe’s, Target, Radio Shack, etc. Older televisions that do not have the screw-on or coaxial type connector will need a transformer. This device converts the new cable wire to a two-prong wire lead, which can be screwed to the television’s screw terminals for the antenna. The basic system provides 50 channels; premium channels, such as HBO or Showtime, are not available. If the satellite system is not working in your room, please notify a member of the Residence Life staff or Media Services (ext. 3029).

Vending Machines

Vending machines are located in each residence hall, usually in the lobby. Calvert Hall machines are located in the study room or recreation room on the second floor. Vending machines are located in the laundry room for Lewis Quad (common building) and the townhouses (DPC), and next to the laundry room in Waring Commons. The machines accept cash and also have card readers for use with the One-Card (except in Calvert Hall). If you have problems with a machine, please notify the building staff immediately. In common with all residence hall property, if the vending machines are damaged, the cost of the repairs will be divided among all of the building or townhouse residents. Please keep an eye out for anyone attempting to damage or rob the vending machines. Refunds for money lost in the machines can be obtained in the Office of Residence Life.