St. Mary's College of Maryland


Room fees are based on the each student’s room assignment.  If a student moves during the semester (for example, from a residence hall double to a residence hall single or from a suite to a townhouse), the housing fee will be pro-rated accordingly.  If a first-year student is assigned to a space that is not in a traditional residence hall (for example, to a suite or other type of housing) even if the student wanted to live in a traditional residence hall, or if the student is assigned to a single but wanted a double, the student will be charged the fee for the assigned space.  The room fees are noted below.  The Housing Contract does not guarantee a specific space (room, building) on campus; it guarantees that the student will receive a housing assignment.

First year resident students are required to be on one of the "anytime dining" plans (Silver, Gold, or Platinum meal plans).  Sophomore, junior, and senior resident students living in a traditional residence hall or suite can choose one of the "anytime dining" plans or the 250 meal plan.  Students living in a townhouse or apartment (and commuters) may choose any of the meal plans or may elect to be off the meal plan altogether.  Students are released from the mandatory meal plan only for documented and approved medical reasons that cannot be accommodated by our food service contractor.  These requests must be submitted to the Health Center by June 1.  The meal plan rates are listed below.


Room Fees (per year)

Dorm double: $6770
Dorm triple/quad: $6770
Dorm single: $7660
Suite double: $7250
Apartment single: $8125
Apartment double: $8005
Townhouse: $8295


Meal Plans (per year)

Silver Plan (24 Guest Passes + $400 Dining Dollars) $4955
Gold Plan (40 Guest Passes + $600 Dining Dollars) $5160
Platinum Plan (64 Guest Passes + $ 800 Dining Dollars) $5365
250 Meal Plan (250 meals + $ 600 Dining Dollars) $3415
150 Meal Plan (150 meals + $600 Dining Dollars)  $2525
Flex Plan (20 meals + $800 Dining Dollars) $1070

Other Fees:

Parking decal: $100/year

ID replacement: $25/ID card