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If A Public Safety Officer Stops You On The Street

Innocent individuals are often offended or angered, or both because an officer has detained them for questioning. Although the delay might be inconvenient for you, the officer believes there is a reason (Reasonable Suspicion) to stop you and ask questions. Most of these stops are not officer initiated. The most common reasons that cause an officer to stop someone are as follows:

You might be one of only a few people walking around in the vicinity of a crime that has recently occurred.

Your clothing might be similar or identical to that worn by the perpetrator of a crime.

Someone may have called the Public Safety complaining about your presence or that you looked "suspicious".

Someone may have pointed you out to an officer.

You may be acting in a manner that the officer considers "suspicious" and you may act even more " suspicious" after realizing that the officer is observing you.

 The Public Safety Officer does not wish to detain you any longer than necessary. Once the officer is able to determine that you are not the individual that he or she is looking for, the officer will often apologize for the inconvenience and then quickly leave to resume the search.