Crime Prevention Programs

Crime prevention programs and discussions of safety issues are offered each semester for all members of the campus community. Public Safety Officers prepare and present material in the residence halls, in the classroom as guest lecturers or part of student presentations, or in general forums for entire campus community.  Public Safety Officers also work closely with residence life staff who are receiving training regarding confrontation, assertiveness, College rules and regulations, and the College Judicial Code.

Residence hall programs for students are offered monthly, regarding such issues as personal safety, self-defense, rape and sexual assault, and protection of personal property. Students are informed not only of the policies and procedures regarding these issues, but also various resources for help, including Counseling Services, Health Services, Public Safety, and community services.

Responsibility for exterior safety and security on campus is shared by many offices. Safety features include: blue-light emergency telephones, residence hall card access system, and the presence of Public Safety Officers who perform varied patrol and are in radio contact with a communications officer. The Residence Life Staff, the Physical Plant and Grounds crew, Public Safety Officers, and various administrative offices constantly review the lighting, the underbrush, and such specific areas as construction sites to identify safety issues and take steps to correct them.

Crime Prevention and Safety Programs which are available are listed below.  Please feel free to contact the Department of Public Safety at x4911 to schedule a presentation.

Crime Prevention Program Offerings

Alcohol Presentation – Alcohol 101+ Program

Bicycle Safety Presentation

Child Safety Seat Inspections

Dating Safety Presentation

Drug Presentation

Fire Safety Presentation

Hate Crime Presentation

Home Safety Presentation

Identity Theft Presentation

Internet Safety Presentation – Surfing the World Wide Web

Motor Vehicle/Traffic Safety Presentation

Pedestrian Safety Presentation

Safety in the Workplace/ Workplace Violence Presentation

Telephone Safety Presentation – Combating the Crank Call

Travel Safety Presentation

Winter Driving Presentation