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CASE District II Gold Award Winner 2013




Lee Capristo 

(240) 895-4795 

Ashley Stopera 

(240) 895-2128

Calvert Hall Basement
18952 East Fisher Road
St. Mary's City, MD 20686


Style Guides

College Style Guide

The “College Style Guide” outlines correct usage of the College logo, wordmark, seal, and the athletics mascot.

Web Style Guide

The "Web Style Guide” outlines correct layout and formats of the college website.

Quick Fix

The “Quick Fix” by Janet Haugaard offers writing tips and items of interest about the College.

This style guide will help you as you write - and edit - the written material that goes out from your particular administrative office.  It will also ensure professional consistency across the campus.

The guide on office writing provides two sections that will help you:

Section One deals with language and writing.

Section Two is an introduction to information about the College.