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APA's Careers for the 21st Century brochure (pdf)

Careers in Psychology and Entry Level Jobs for Psyc Majors- maintained by Professor Marky Lloyd, Georgia Southern University

Pursuing Careers in Psychology - maintained by Professor Linda Walsh, University of Northern Iowa

PsycCareers (APA's Online Career Center)

Career Decision Tree (by Western Kentucky University)

Nursing for Psychology Majors (by

Simply Hired (a blog written by a trusted job listings aggregator)

What Can I Do with This Major?

The Career Development Center (CDC)

Located on the second floor of Glendening Hall (211), the CDCenter is a great resource for professional/graduate school research, career exploration and internship/employment opportunities.

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The Seahawk Opportunity Network is the Career Center's internal job and internship database, designed to enable students and alumni to easily connect with local, regional, and national employers. Check it out!

Alumni Spotlight


Niki Novak '09

Jennifer "Niki" Novak earned her Master's degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy from Chestnut Hill College in 2011. She is currently a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at DC Counseling and Psychotherapy and Director of Training and Quality Improvement at Pathways to Housing in Washington, D.C.


Career Planning

This page introduces you to several different career paths and helps you to plan what courses you should take in your college career to help prepare you for your chosen career. This page can also help you plan for graduate school.

What Do You Want to Be? What Should You Take?

The information below assumes that ALL psychology majors will complete the general college requirements and the required core courses listed for the Psychology major degree program. The classes listed below each career should help you focus on which classes to choose in your lower and upper division content sections to maximize the potential of your degree. Occupational categories marked with one asterisk (*) generally require at least a master's degree and categories marked with two asterisks (**) generally require a Ph.D. or Psy.D. Students planning to attend graduate school are strongly encouraged to obtain research experience beyond the requirements for the major. See Research Opportunities for more information. You can also visit the Career Center in Glendening Hall or visit the Career Center website for more information about possible careers for psychology majors.

Career: College Teaching and Research

Potential jobs: Lab Director, Research Assistant, Professor**

Suggested Courses & Experience: Lab Courses, Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, Internship, other research projects

Career: Elementary/Secondary Student Services

Potential jobs: Guidance Counselor, School Social Worker, Substance Abuse Trainer, School Psychologist

Suggested Courses & Experience: Social Psyc, Exceptionality, Educational Psyc, Infant & Child Development, Adolescence, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Child Clinical Psyc, Cognitive Psyc, Psyc of Learning, Internship in a school setting

Career: Elementary/Secondary Teaching

The Educational Studies Minor requires: Educational Psyc & Exceptionality, and a course with a developmental focus. Infant and Child Development is recommended for students who wish to pursue elementary certification; Adolescence is recommended for students who wish to pursue secondary certification; Lifespan Development is recommended for students who wish to pursue K-12 certification in Art, Music, or theater.

Other courses good for education: Psyc of Learning, Developmental Psyc w/ Laboratory

Career: Mental Health Services

Potential jobs: Mental Health Worker, Counselor**, Therapist*, Clinical Psychologist**, Counseling Psychologist**

Suggested Courses & Experience: Child Clinical Psyc, Psyc Assessment, Abnormal Psyc, Counseling, Cognitive Psyc w/ Laboratory, Personality Psyc, Sensation and Perception, Drugs, Brains, and Behavior,  Counseling and Psychotherapy w/ Laboratory

Career: Community Services/Social Services

Potential jobs: Activity Director, Child Care Worker, Foster Care Worker, Volunteer Coordinator, Social Worker, Case Worker

Suggested Courses & Experience: Social Psyc, Lifespan Development, Culture and the Social Experience, Sociology of the Family, Developmental Psyc Courses, Psyc of Women, Counseling, Internship in human services, Volunteer service

Career: Business/Industry

Potential jobs: Personnel Manager, Productivity Consultant, Sales Representative, Market Researcher, Customer Relations Rep., Risk Analyst*, Quality Control Analyst, Haman Factors Specialist*

Suggested Courses & Experience: Social Psyc, Cognitive Psyc, Sensation & Perception, Adulthood and Aging, Human Behavior in Organizations, Developmental Psyc w/ Laboratory, Social Psyc w/ Laboratory, Business/Economics Courses, leadership in organizations, Internship in Human Resources

Career: Health/Medical Services

Potential jobs: Medical Technician, Nurse, Physical Therapist*, Psychiatric Aide, Child Life Specialist, Occupational Therapist*, Health Psychologist**

Suggested Courses & Experience: Social Psyc, Cognitive Psyc, Adulthood and Aging, Human Behavior in Organizations, Developmental Psyc w/ Laboratory, Social Psyc w/ Laboratory, Business/Economics Courses, leadership in organizations, Internship in Human Resources

Career: Law/Criminal Justice

Potential jobs: Corrections Officer, Probation Officer, Investigative Officer, Lab Technician, Case Worker, Juvenile Counselor, Forensic Psychologist**

Suggested Courses & Experience: Psychology of the Family, Psyc and the Law, Drugs, Brains, and Behavior, Counseling, Cognitive Psyc w/ Laboratory, Sociology of Law, Crime and Deviance, Internship in corrections, May benefit to double major Psychology and Sociology