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The Alternative Capstone Experience (ACE) in Psychology & the ACE Declaration of Intent

All psychology majors are required to complete a senior capstone experience. They can choose to complete a St. Mary's Project or they can instead complete an alternative capstone experience (ACE).

The ACE consists of 8 credits, distributed as follows:

a) PSYC 490: Senior Seminar (4 credits). Although the exact requirements for this course may differ somewhat from section to section, it will generally involve a major term paper on a topic of your choice (~30 pages [not including the title page or references]), an oral presentation, and some additional requirements (for example, providing a review and critique of one or more of the papers written by other students in the class). 

b) An additional upper-division four credit course, not used to satisfy any other requirements for the major, chosen from the following options:

  • PSYC 402: Advanced Research Methods and Statistics (4 credits); or
  • PSYC 405: History and Systems of Psychology; or
  • PSYC 410: Service Learning; or
  • PSYC 474: Psychological Assessment; or
  • PSYC 497: Directed Research (4 credits)(all four credits must be taken for graded credit during the same semester); or
  • An additional laboratory course in psychology

Consult your academic adviser, the department chair, or the department assistant, Angie Draheim, for more information.

Keep in mind that although the ACE will involve a different set of activities than the SMP, it will not involve less work.  The two courses that make up the alternative experience are designed to require as much effort and time commitment as an SMP.

If you are planning to complete an ACE sequence in order to fulfill your senior capstone requirement, you must submit an ACE Declaration of Intent form to the Department Assistant, Angie Draheim(GH125), by the end of the advising period during the the second semester of your junior year.