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Electronic copies of SMPs are usually provided to faculty and staff upon request, but students are provided electronic copies of SMPs only with the permission of a faculty member.

2010-2011 Showcase

Cammarata, Erin. (2011, May). Temporoammonic excitation of CA1 cells in an animal model of depression.* Winner of of the Geneva Boone Award for Outstanding SMP in Psychology for 2010-2011.

Gaylor, Kaitlin. (2011, May). Neuroimaging correlates of IQ. * Winner of the 2011 Margaret Floy Washburn Award.

Johnson, David. (2011, May). Thinking without thinking? Stereotype use and unconscious thought theory. *Winner of the Departmental SMP Award for 2011. **Winner of the Jonathan Sekula Memorial Award for 2011.

Miller, Ryan. (2011, May). Applying the meaning maintenance model to the formation of novel stereotypes: Forming stereotypes under duress.

Teta, Allison. (2011, May). How much loss is too much loss? The effect of temporal separation on sunk coast attenuation in investment scenarios.