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2008-2009 Showcase

Blackwell, Robert. (2008, December). Cognitive deficits in beta-catenin knockout mice: An endophenotype approach to modeling bipolar disorder. *Winner of a Sigma Xi grant.

Cosentino, Maya. (2009, May). The residential therapeutic community: A model for adolescents in Germany. *Winner of the 2009 Human Services Award

Demarr, Heather. (2009, May). The school psychologist's role in diagnosing and intervening with ADHD in the classroom.

Nehez, Kathyrn. (2009, May). Finding value in dissonant information: Examining the limitation of relevance in evaluating information.

Oben, Marie. (2009, May). Continuing exercise after brief cessation: The effects of BDNF regulation, depression, and anxiety. *Winner of a Myron Marlay SMP Grant.

White, Gina. (2009, May).  Effect of perceived stigma of mental illness on help-seeking behavior in first-year college students.