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2005-2006 Showcase

Calhoon, Gwedolyn. (2006, May). The effects of cognitive intervention in adolescence on behavioral abnormalities in a rat model of Schizophrenia. *Winner of a Myron Marlay SMP Grant

Cochran, Christa. (2006, May). Therapist personal history variables and their effects on the frequency and quality of self-disclosures in the therapeutic environment.

Freethey, Miranda. (2006, May). Schadenfreude, social comparisons and competition.

Gardiner, Stephanie. (2005, December). The search for balance: The acculturation process of Asian American undergraduate students and the role of therapy in the reconciliation of related concerns.

MacFarland, Megan. (2006, May). Sex differences in the effects of Valium on neuronal activation and elevated-plus maze behavior in the rat. *Winner of a Myron Marlay SMP Grant Award

Robey, Lauren. (2006, May). Stress in the dental chair: An investigation of the roles of parental stress and child preparation.

Ryan, Katie. (2006, May). The effectiveness of PBIS programs in elementary schools: A case study.