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Katie Grein '13 presents her SMP

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SMP Spotlight

Christine Kodluboy '13 with her mentor, Dr. Scott Mirabile

42 students completed an SMP in psychology in AY12-13. Congratulations to them all!

At the end of each year, mentors select particularly outstanding SMPs to be featured in our PsycSMP Showcase. 12-13 Showcase projects were written by Katherine Grein, Christine Kodluboy, Lydia Martin, Heather Palacorolla, Liza Sitz, Emma Sullivan, and Abby Vandegrift.


Recent PsycSMPs

Fall 2011 Completion

  • Penney, Lily: Child Emotion Socialization: The Impact of an Opposite Gendered Older Sibling (Mirabile)
  • Minkoff, Sarah: The Success of Students with ADHD in the College Setting (Glidden)

 Spring 2012 Completion 

  • Barnes, Crystal: How Effective Is Alcohol Education at St. Mary's College of Maryland? (Kosarych-Coy)
  • Bouslog, Chris: Tactile Stimulation's Effects on Social Play Behavior of Prenatally SSRI Exposed Rats (Bailey)
  • Bowers, Justin: Hand Preference and Personality Assessment: Phenotypic Expressions of Atypical Hemispheric Lateralization  Hand Preference and Personality  Assessment: Phenotypic Expressions of Atypical Hemispheric Lateralization (Kosarych-Coy)
  • Burke, Jesse: The Impact of Adolescent Exposure to Olanzapine on Adult Cognitive Performance (Bailey)
  • Buxton, Alison: The Effect of Learning a Second Language on Grammatical Gendered Perceptions of Objects (Platt)
  • Carver, Ben: The Attractiveness of Primacy: An Examination of the Attractiveness Stereotype and Primacy and Recency (Tickle)
  • Davis, Anna: A Proposal of a Novel Prevention Program Against Pluralistic Ignorance and Bullying in Elementary Age Students (Han)
  • Dippel, William C.: Cognitive and Behavioral Impairments Evaluated in the Neonatal Ventral Hippocampus Lesion Rat Model of Schizophrenia (Brady)
  • Ehrig, William: The Effect of Prenatal Fluoxetine Exposure and Neonatal Tactile Stimulation on Motor and Cognitive Behavior in Adult Rats (Bailey)
  • Fitzpatrick, Shannon: An In-Depth Examination of Counselors' Experiences Working with Special Education Students (Dennison)
  • Flynn, Elise: The Effect of Cocaine or Natural Reward in the NVHL Animal Model of Schizophrenia (Brady)
  • Fullerton, Jacqueline: Companion Animal Bonding and Empathy Development (Glidden)
  • Gibson, Jeffrey: Evaluations of Relationship Alternatives: Does Salience Decrease Commitment? (Platt)
  • Glasser, Alyssa: Bridging Contexts: An Alternative Framework for Relapse Prevention (O'Donnell)
  • Goluskin, Sasha: Investigating the Role of the 5-HT1B Receptor in the CA1 of Rats (Bailey)
  • Gordon, Adrienne: Ageism: A Cultural Worldview or the Result of Lack of Contact? (Koenig)
  • Holt, Courtney: The Role of Confidentiality in the Therapist- Sex Offender Client Relationship (Finkelman)
  • Johnson, Lindsey: The Pit Bull: Measuring Stereotypic Beliefs (Han)
  • Jones, Shelby: Cognitive and Behavioral Impairments Evaluated in the Neonatal Ventral Hippocampus Lesion Rat Model of Schizophrenia (Brady)
  • Lackler, Katie: Empathic Accuracy: Friends, Strangers, and a Third Person (Han)
  • Legg, Carly: The Law and the Family: Psychology in Action in the Legal System (Finkelman)
  • Mazuk, Molly: The Psychology of the Christian Martyrs of the Roman Empire: The Case of Vibia Perpetua (Finkelman)
  • Miller, Emily: Effects of Cocaine on Behavior in the NVHL Model of Schizophrenia (Brady)
  • Morris, Steven: Eating to Ease: Emotional Eating in a College Population (Tickle)
  • Opabajo, Irene: Color-Blind Racial Attitudes & Perceptions of Counseling (E. Williams)
  • Placek, Katerina: Early Postnatal Sensory Stimulation as a Means to Overcome Emotional Deficits from Gestational Exposure to Fluoxetine (Bailey)
  • Saari, Emily: Challenging the Status Quo through Emotional Connectedness in Relational Activism (Han)
  • Sebert, Adam: The Boundary Personality Measure and Correlations with Defensive Styles (Kosarych-Coy)
  • Serfling, Katherine: Using Strategic Leadership and Organizational Psychology Practices to Reduce Ageism in the Workplace (Koenig)
  • Stewart, Jennifer: The Effect of Mortality Salience on Ageism as a Worldview Defense: Is Social Connectedness Related? (Koenig)
  • Thompson, Brittany: Parental Education, Parent-Child Communication, and Self-Esteem in Emerging Adulthood (Mirabile)
  • Unger, Alexandra : Modern Sex Slaves: The Truth behind Sex Trafficking of American Citizens (O'Donnell)
  • Vaughan, Suzanna: The Unique Moral Lens and Religious Identity: Exploring the Relationship between Religious Attitudes and Moral Perception (Han)
  • West, Kathryn: The Influence of Voice on Smell-Based Attractiveness Ratings (Hiris)