SP13 Meetings and deadlines for PsycSMP Students

Spring 2013

Students: Note if applicable to ALL, SP13 Completer, or SP13 Starter

week of Jan 14

Meet with your mentor to discuss project ideas/progress and semester schedule

Jan 25

ALL- PSYC493/494 ADD form (distributed by mentors) filled out, signed & given to Angie Draheim in GH125 (not the Registrar!) by 3pm

Feb 5

SP13 Starters- MANDATORY GROUP MEETING with Ronnie Arellano Douglas to discuss PsycSMP-specific library research tools, test & measures, & Endnote software.

12-1:50pm, location LI112

Feb 19

SP13 Completers (PSYC majors)*- MANDATORY Senior Examination in Methods and Statistics, 12-1:10pm, GH195, proctored by Angie Draheim.  *If one cannot meet at this time, he/she must arrange an individual testing session with Angie.

Week of Feb 25

SP13 Completers- Review SMP Poster & Lecture Guidelines & Symposium Info at https://psycsmpsmcm.pbworks.com

Mar 5

SP13 Completers-  Data Analysis Help Drop-in Session with Dr. Roger Stanton (attendance is highly recommended for spring completers who are doing quantitative empirical studies- may be required by your mentor); 12:00-1:50pm, GH81, watch for e-mail re: other details

Mar 8

SP13 Completers-  Final Project Title & Presentation Plans (large format poster or lecture) due to Angie via  


Mar 8

ALL- Budget requests (revised if applicable) due to Angie

Apr 9

SP13 Completers-  Final draft of your complete project due to mentor (unless mentor says otherwise)

Apr 23

SP13 Starters-  Suggested IRB Proposals due date for empirical studies needing Human Subject Approval & Suggested IACUC Proposal due date for empirical studies needing Animal Subject Approval

Apr 26

SP13 Completers Only-  Completed SMP with archival materials due to the Registrar

Apr 29 & 30

St. Mary’s Project Presentation Days (possible venue for completers to present SMP; mentors may require starting students to attend), Location & details TBA

May 1-7

SP13 Completers Only-  Complete year-end survey online (link to survey sent via e-mail). Grades will not be submitted unless survey is completed.