Participate in Studies

Students in Psyc 101 and Psyc courses offering extra credit for research participation: Click the logo and sign-up to participate in studies via the Research Participant Pool Website! Have a smart phone? Download the Free Sona Mobile app!

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Not in a class offering extra credit for research participation? Participate in studies and be entered in our Psychology Research Data Collection Raffle!

Where do you sign up to participate in studies?

Studies are posted online at, an Experiment Management System used by the Psychology Dept. for the Research Participant Pool. Please bookmark this page for easy access. Angie Draheim will periodically send e-mails via the system to alert you to studies currently in need of participants but you should check the system website for available studies on a regular basis.

Detailed login instructions are provided on the website.

The research pools generally open after the Wednesday following the drop add period each semester and close the Tuesday of the last week of classes.