Participate in Studies

Students in Psyc 101 and Psyc courses offering extra credit for research participation: Click the logo and sign-up to participate in studies via the Research Participant Pool Website! Have a smart phone? Download the Free Sona Mobile app!

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Not in a class offering extra credit for research participation? Participate in studies and be entered in our Psychology Research Data Collection Raffle!

Lab/Classroom (i.e. in-person) studies:

Note: Participants for classroom studies can be recruited from the all-student e-mail population as part of the Psychology Research Data Collection Raffle. If you plan to use that population, you must note that in your IRB proposal.

  1. After submitting your proposal for IRB approval, complete a "Study Set-Up Form" then make an appointment to visit Angie Draheim to discuss your study needs and set up your researcher account on the system. Note: You should arrange to meet with Angie AT LEAST one week in advance of the date you plan to collect data.
  2. Angie will help you set up the basic study information (including the study # assigned), schedule your study location, set up your timeslots and provide you with further instructions, and credit sheets and/or no-show sheets.
  3. The study sessions WILL NOT be made available for sign ups until approval comes in and any necessary changes are made.
  4. Please note that credit forms are due on Fridays during your experiment. This means that if you are running an experiment for multiple weeks, credit sheets are still due each Friday!

Brief Studies (< 15min)

If you are doing a study that takes less than or equal to 15 minutes for participants to complete, you should attempt to combine your study with another brief study and sign up participants for 30 minute sessions. The research pool administrator will help facilitate this process.