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"Assisting faculty research (with Dr. Glidden, at Project Parenting) and taking on an ambitious SMP demanded a lot of energy and hard work, but proved to be some of the most fulfilling things I did while at SMCM. It's important to give research a try, especially if you're considering graduate studies."

- Joshua Chiapelli '04

Dr. Wes Jordan with Stephania D'Abrosio, Nicole DeAngeli, Michelle Klima, and Heather Pribut.

SMP Spotlight

48 students completed an SMP in psychology in AY13-14. Congratulations to them all!

At the end of each year, mentors select particularly outstanding SMPs to be featured in our PsycSMP Showcase. 13-14 Showcase projects were written by Stephania D'Ambrosio, Nicole DeAngeli, Allison Herrington, Michelle Klima, Meshan Lehmann, Heather Pribut, and Ciara Willett.

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Recent publications with student co-authors (in bold).


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