Make a reservation!

The Seminar/Meeting Room

If you would like to reserve the use of one or more of the spaces (for a single-day or semester-long reservation), please consult the "current schedule"*  posted on the respective room's page and then send an e-mail request (noting room #, dates & times requested) to Angie Draheim. She will check the room's most current calendar (as it might not yet be updated on the web) for the particular date(s) & time(s) you requested and send you an e-mail within a couple days to either confirm your reservation or find you another space that will meet your needs.

*Note: The "current schedule" shows the days and times in a week when there are already regularly scheduled classes/meetings held in the particular space (i.e. it is not available for you to use). Reservation requests may otherwise be made for any day of the week 8am-10pm.


The Psyc Student Lounge

GH Psyc Lounge

With a great view of the pond next to Campus Drive, this space on the first floor of Goodpaster Hall (between rooms 127 & 128) is a nice place to study for a while or wait for meetings.

Human Observation Suite

The Human Observation Suite is designed for demonstration and research purposes. The suite includes five interaction rooms (one large, one medium, and three small ones), each equipped with video and audio taping and replay capacity. They are also each observable through one-way mirrors through the adjacent control rooms.

The suite includes two control rooms (one large, one small) from which one can observe the interaction rooms and/or conduct audio/video recordings. The suite may be reserved as a whole (all five interaction rooms, the two control rooms, and the waiting area) or may be reserved in smaller arrangements. For example, three separate research projects may take place: 1) one using a small interaction room and sharing the small control room, 2) another using the second small interaction room and sharing the control room, and 3) one using the large interaction room and large control room.

If the space is to be shared, it is important to realize the importance of noise control, especially for those using the control rooms.

If you are unsure of which rooms you need to reserve, click here to view a map of the Human Observation Suite. Remember, you may reserve specific rooms within the suite, or reserve the entire suite depending upon your needs.

Current Lab Schedule:

Note: This space must be reserved. Inquire about space availability via email to Angie Draheim.