Grant News

In AY12-13

Katherine Grein '13 was selected as the recipient of an award that was established in spring 2012 to honor Dr. Laraine Glidden's career contributions to the advancement of undergraduate participation in research involving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.  The award paid $500 towards Katherine’s expenses to travel to the 2013 Gatlinburg Conference in San Antonio to present her work. Katherine worked with Dr. Glidden in either directed research or paid work from her sophomore through her senior year. She is a co-author on a 2012 publication, and they are working together on two others that are under review.

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Alumni Spotlight


Laurie (Kloster) Filer '05

Laurie (Kloster) Filer '05 earned her MA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University in 2008. She is currently working as a Human Resources Specialist for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.



SMP Spotlight

Christine Kodluboy '13 with her mentor, Dr. Scott Mirabile

42 students completed an SMP in psychology in AY12-13. Congratulations to them all!

At the end of each year, mentors select particularly outstanding SMPs to be featured in our PsycSMP Showcase. 12-13 Showcase projects were written by Katherine Grein, Christine Kodluboy, Lydia Martin, Heather Palacorolla, Liza Sitz, Emma Sullivan, and Abby Vandegrift.


Lisa Zsebedics Award

Established in 1985 in memory of a former student, to recognize an outstanding first-year student or sophomore committed to studying human developmental processes

  • 2013 Winner: Sarah Woods
  • 2012 Winner: Colleen Hughes
  • 2011 Winner: Laura Koler
  • 2010 Winner: Julie Walter
  • 2009 Winner: Dana Gittings
  • 2008 Winner: Claire Marion
  • 2007 Winner: Tori Whitlow
  • 2006 Winner: Angela Natcher

Wilhelm Wundt Award

Established in 2003 to recognize a student's excellence in quantitative and methodological course work.

  • 2013 Winner: Emily Nielson
  • 2012 Winner: Liza Sitz
  • 2011 Winner: Katherine Grein
  • 2010 Winner: Claire Marian
  • 2009 Winner: Kevin Turek
  • 2008 Winner: Joshua Whitt
  • 2007 Winner: Jaie Perrizo
  • 2006 Winner: Stephanie Gardiner

Margaret Floy Washburn Award

Established in 1990 to recognize a junior or senior psychology major exemplifying superior understanding of research and experimentation in psychology.

  • 2013 Winner: Liza Sitz
  • 2012 Winner: Katherine Grein
  • 2011 Winner: Kaitlin Gaylor
  • 2010 Winner: Stephanie Klapper
  • 2009 Winner: Gina White
  • 2008 Winner: April Corrice
  • 2007 Winner: Cassie Ruiz
  • 2006 Winner: Angy Kallarakal

Psychology Major Award

Established in 1993 to recognize a psychology major who demonstrates superior understanding of the themes and methods of the discipline.

  • 2013 Winner: Katherine Grein
  • 2012 Winner: Katerina Placek
  • 2011 Winner: Kevin Turek
  • 2010 Winner: Katharine Bamberger
  • 2009 Winner: Jennifer Slomski
  • 2008 Winner: Jaie Perrizo
  • 2007 Winner: Colin Black
  • 2006 Winner: Gwendolyn Calhoon

B. Jonathan Sekula Memorial Award in Psychology

Established in memory of a former student, the recipient is selected based on meritorious achievement in the major with an intent to pursue an advanced degree in Psychology. ($500)

  • 2013 Winner: Rina Dudley
  • 2012 Winner: Sasha Goluskin
  • 2011 Winner: David Johnson
  • 2010 Winner: Kelli Hill
  • 2009 Winner: Drew Solyst
  • 2008 Winner: Angela Natcher
  • 2007 Winner: Jessica Hoehn
  • 2006 Winner: Sharon Messenheimer

Human Services Award

Established in 1993 to recognize a junior or senior psychology, human development, or human studies major who demonstrates outstanding potential as a practitioner in human services.

  • 2013 Winner: Laura Koler
  • 2012 Winners: Emily Saari and Alyssa Glasser
  • 2011 Winner: Nicole Casasa-Blouin
  • 2010 Winner: Ashleigh Dueker
  • 2009 Winner: Maya Cosentino
  • 2008 Winner: Sara Rubinstein
  • 2007 Winner: Ranwa Hammamy
  • 2006 Winner: Alexis Seneff

Department of Psychology SMP Award

Established in 2011 to recognize outstanding work in the 8-credit St. Mary’s Project.  Up to two awards may be given annually to recognize and commend this work.  Only declared psychology majors who are expected to graduate in a given year and have already completed or are registered for and expected to complete 8 credits of PSYC493/494 are eligible to be nominated for, and receive, this award. The award will be individualized to the awardee and can be a gift or check, not to exceed $100.

  • 2013 Winner: Katherine Grein
  • 2012 Winners: Jackie Fullerton and Katerina Placek
  • 2011 Winner: David Johnson