Open Water

An Undergraduate Journal in the Social Sciences

Open Water is published annually by the St. Mary's College Political Science Department and the St. Mary's chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha.

The aim of this journal is to create a forum for the expression and consideration of both central and marginal political issues through scholarly research and analysis. These topics should be of contemporary or future relevance, and evaluated within political, historical, economical, anthropological, or sociological contexts. This analysis should serve as a foundation upon which to base further discussion of domestic and international matters, and inspire meaningful participation in an enlightened debate of political issues. In providing undergraduates an open, non-partisan and structured context in which to put forth their ideas, this journal aspires to contribute to the composite value of knowledge from which well-reasoned and eclectic thought may spring.

Open Water is open to submissions from all students at St. Mary's College of Maryland.


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