Seminars & Events

Natural Science & Mathematics Colloquium
Most Wednesdays at 4:40 in Schaefer 106

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Program Highlight

Students preparing to drop a pumpkin from a window

The Physics Club organizes many activities for all students who enjoy physics.  


SMP Spotlight

Brian Tennyson (2011), "Dynamics of Probability Fluid in Quantum Mechanics," (Mentor: Dr. Katsunori Mita)

Brian received the 2011 Department Award in Physics.  He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Physics at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

Physics Club

The Physics Club (which is also the local chapter of the Society of Physics Students) organizes many fun physics activities throughout the semester.  Contact President Erin Knutson or Advisor Michelle Milne for information on the next meeting.


Students at APS April 2012 Meeting

Student testing a popsicle stick bridge field trip

Some of our favorite activities:

  • Bridge building
  • Pumpking dropping
  • Smithsonian trip
  • NASA Goddard trip
  • Career talks
  • Rocket launch
  • Attending physics conferences


  • President:  Erin Knutson
  • Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Michelle Milne (