St. Mary's College of Maryland's Physical PlantSt. Mary's College of Maryland's Physical Plant

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Admissions Field


The admissions field was renovated in order to provide a more useable recreational area for students. We identified admissions field as an important open space for the College and wanted to make sure that we maintain it in a way that benefits the campus visually as well as recreationally. The turf on the admissions field was transplanted from the stadium field when that field was re-graded and renovated in 2007. The turf is a Bermuda grass which can stand up to higher recreational use and is more disease resistant than the fescue/bluegrass mix that we use elsewhere on campus. In order to establish and maintain the turf, the College came up with an innovative method of using the stormwater that is stored in the Townhouse pond. By using the pond water, we are eliminating the use of potable water for the irrigation of this field.

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St. Mary's College of Maryland Central Receiving and Mail Services encourages the most efficient and cost effective use of the services available. The Mailroom manual provides descriptions of all of our services, procedures and your responsibilities. This general information guide of policies and procedures is intended to be a manual of basic requirements and failure to comply with the guidelines of this manual could result in delays and added expenses. Please let us know your needs in advance if you require special services, have a large mailing coming up, or are sending or receiving something out of the ordinary. If you have specific questions, problems, or suggestions, please call Central Receiving 240-895-3102 (x3102)

Mail is received, sorted, and delivered Monday through Friday in a normal work week.

Download full manual (PDF)


Hours of Operation: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Mon-Fri

Location: Physical Plant, Central Receiving

Telephone: 240-895-3102 on campus 3102

Supervisor: Mary Johnston 240-895-4287

Telephone numbers you may need:

St. Mary's City Post Office: 301-862-2665

Express Mail: (800) 222-1811

Federal Express: (800) 463-3339

UPS: (800) 742-5877

For Zip Codes: