St. Mary's College of Maryland's Physical PlantSt. Mary's College of Maryland's Physical Plant

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Admissions Field


The admissions field was renovated in order to provide a more useable recreational area for students. We identified admissions field as an important open space for the College and wanted to make sure that we maintain it in a way that benefits the campus visually as well as recreationally. The turf on the admissions field was transplanted from the stadium field when that field was re-graded and renovated in 2007. The turf is a Bermuda grass which can stand up to higher recreational use and is more disease resistant than the fescue/bluegrass mix that we use elsewhere on campus. In order to establish and maintain the turf, the College came up with an innovative method of using the stormwater that is stored in the Townhouse pond. By using the pond water, we are eliminating the use of potable water for the irrigation of this field.

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State vehicles are to be used to conduct official State business. Whenever possible, trips should be planned to coincide with other authorized driver travel requirements so that vehicles are used efficiently and economically. Vehicles shall not be used for personal reasons, including to transport friends or members of the family (e.g., transporting children to and from school). Passengers in State automobiles are limited to persons being transported in connection with State business.

  • There shall be no smoking in State vehicles.

  • The use of a wireless phone by the driver is prohibited in a moving State vehicle except in cases of emergency. A driver should only place or receive calls when the vehicle is not moving.

  • Only drivers approved through Public Safety as authorized drivers may operate State vehicles.

  • Only those drivers designated on the vehicle request form and whose signatures appear on the form may operate State vehicles.

  • All drivers shall operate State vehicles in a manner that reflects concern for safety and courtesy toward the public.

  • State vehicles shall be driven only by State officials, authorized employees, and designated volunteers

  • Sate vehicles shall not be used to conduct personal business, to transport members of the family, e.g. transporting children to and from school, or for pleasure. Only those passengers listed on the request form may be passengers in the State vehicle.

  • No person may drive or ride in the State motor vehicle unless properly restrained by the occupant restraint device. It shall be the primary driver's responsibility to ensure that the passengers use the available restraint devices.

  • All traffic and parking laws are to be obeyed. Posted speed limits are not to be exceeded, nor is the vehicle to be operated above safe driving speeds for road conditions. All violation fines shall be the responsibility of the driver involved.

  • Report all accidents to both the Public Safety Office within 24 hours, even if there are no other vehicles involved, nor apparent injuries or damages. Notify Public Safety immediately in the case of serious bodily injury. If students are involved, public safety will notify the Dean of Students, Assistant Dean of Students or designee.

  • The driver of a State vehicle shall take every precaution to ensure the safety of the vehicle and its contents. The driver shall lock the vehicle and take the keys, except in those instances when a commercial parking garage requires the keys be left with the vehicle.

  • Operators of State vehicles are personally responsible for vehicles assigned to them. Should damage to a State vehicle result through misuse or gross negligence, the operator may be required to make restitution to the State.

  • The driver must note destination and mileage on the form located in the folder provided at pickup.

  • Under no circumstances will alcohol (open or closed containers) be allowed in a State vehicle.

  • The condition of the vehicles shall be recorded upon return. Individuals returning vehicles in an unsatisfactory condition may be denied further use of vehicles.

  • Willful disregard of these rules is considered just cause for disciplinary action and denial of further usage.

The following request forms apply for faculty, staff, and students using St. Mary’s College of Maryland vehicles:

Student Vehicle Request Form (PDF)

Employee Vehicle Request Form (PDF)