Program  Information

Michael Taber, Chair
240 895 4900

Penny Shissler, Office Clerk
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Program Highlight

The department offers a major and minor in Philosophy and a major and minor in Religious Studies. As an active and energetic department, we are committed towards an intercultural, international and interdisciplinary understanding of the world. We teach across the traditional fields of philosophy and religious studies, and beyond the cultural divides of East and West. Departmental faculty likes to teach in a variety of venues (Nitze Program; Women, Gender and Sexuality; Environmental Studies; Asian Studies; African and African Diaspora Studies), to take students on study tours (Greece, Germany/Poland, India, Thailand, and, in the future, England and Israel), and to bring questions of global relevance to the campus communities through scheduling events with renowned speakers and activists.

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies Summer Travel Award

The Alexander Fraser Memorial Fund

Summer 2013 - Awarded to Patrick Montague to defray transportation costs to his unpaid summer internship at the public radio show Interfaith Voices, in D.C.

Summer 2011 - Awarded to Keith Colson, in support of his third trip to St. Kitts and Nevis, for his SMP on the role of religion on the islands.

Summer 2010 - Awarded to Nathan Beall to travel to the Himalayas and study at Pondicherry University, India.

Summer 2009 - Awarded to Zachary Cook to study monasticism in Thailand and Georgia (USA).

2008 - No Awards were given

Summer 2007 - Awarded jointly to Tiffany Turbin and Chris Vorhis. Tiffany traveled to Cambodia to study Theravada Buddhism after the genocide. Chris traveled to Beijing to become a certified TEFL teacher in China.

Summer 2006 - Awarded to Jason Lay to apply himself to the study of Buddhism in Thailand.

Summer 2005 - Awarded to Meredith DeViney to support her participation in the Religions of India Study Tour.

Summer 2004 - Awarded to Allison Mull for research for her SMP "Searching the Goddes Tara in Mcleod Ganj," and to Mary d'Adamo for research for her SMP "Researching Religion and AIDS in the Gambia."

Philosophy and Religious Studies Enhancement Fund

Spring 2010 - Awarded to Lisa Whittington for attendance at Oneonta's Fifteenth Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference at SUNY Oneonta, New York.

Summer 2009 - Awarded to Megan Roper to attend the Medieval Women's Conference in the UK.

2008 - No Awards were given.

Summer 2007 - Awarded to Kevin Parks. Kevin presented his SMP titled "Understanding an Ethics of the Other" at the North Georgia State Philosophy Conference at Kennesaw, GA and later at the Undergraduate Philosophy Conference at Oneonta.

Summer 2006 - Awarded to Margaret Ingram to gather ideas and materials for her SMP while attending the Gambia Study Tour.

Summer 2005 - Awarded to Rebecca Wickizer to help her participate in the Religions of India Study Tour.

Summer 2004 - Awarded to Greg Poling for his SMP ""Christians, Buddhists and Manichees: Foreigners in the Pure Land."