Program  Information

Michael Taber, Chair
240 895 4900

Penny Shissler, Office Clerk
240 895 2159

Program Highlight

The department offers a major and minor in Philosophy and a major and minor in Religious Studies. As an active and energetic department, we are committed towards an intercultural, international and interdisciplinary understanding of the world. We teach across the traditional fields of philosophy and religious studies, and beyond the cultural divides of East and West. Departmental faculty likes to teach in a variety of venues (Nitze Program; Women, Gender and Sexuality; Environmental Studies; Asian Studies; African and African Diaspora Studies), to take students on study tours (Greece, Germany/Poland, India, Thailand, and, in the future, England and Israel), and to bring questions of global relevance to the campus communities through scheduling events with renowned speakers and activists.

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The Perseus Project -- a guide from Tufts University to classical Greek and Roman philosophy, art, literature, etc.

The Socrates Project -- an annotated electronic text of Plato's Apology, Euthyphro, Crito, and the death scene from the Phaedo, intended especially to help beginning readers of these works.

Larry Hinman's Ethics Updates -- includes many discussions of ethical issues and various aspects of ethical theories, including bibliographic information; also includes links to some primary texts in the history of philosophy.

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