Meetings & Events

11/14/13 - Annual Book Award Ceremony @ 4:15pm in the Glendening Annex

2/5/14 - Annual Meeting for Resident PBK Members @ 4:45pm in the Glendening Annex

4/1/14 - Initiation Ceremony @ 5:30pm at the Historic State House; dinner following

1998-1999 Elections

Congratulations to the 1999 inductees! The induction ceremony took place Tuesday, April 6.

  • Ryan Berger Anderson (Chemistry)
  • Alicen Leigh Beheler (Philosophy, English)
  • Jenny Rachel Bernstein (Anthropology, Sociology)
  • Elisabeth M. Carlson (Psychology)
  • Kathleen Marie Creamer (Anthropology/Sociology, Philosophy)
  • Abby Lyn Duly (Economics)
  • Robert Adam Erlewine (Philosophy)
  • Melanie Beth Hancock (Mathematics)
  • Jennifer Chapin Harris (English, History)
  • Sara Ellen Helms (Mathematics, Economics)
  • Eric Paul Herrmann (Philosophy)
  • Aarati Kasturirangan (Psychology)
  • Thomas Edward Klemm (Political Science, Public Policy)
  • Jacob Robert Lilly (Political Science, Mathematics)
  • Jason Michael Muncey (Economics)
  • Velizar Teov Nikiforov (Psychology)
  • Errin Kathleen Roby (English) * inducted as a junior
  • Heather Jean Scheuerman (Biology) * inducted as a junior
  • Aliza Anne Steurer (Mathematics) * inducted as a junior
  • Charles Aloysius Sutton (Computer Science, Philosophy)
  • Peter Nathaniel Sweigard (Psychology)
  • Tin Joan Swenson (Psychology)
  • Jennifer Michelle Travatello (Computer Science) * inducted as a junior
  • Kathleen Rose White (Anthropology/Sociology)
  • Alice Marie Zalonis (Biology)