Meetings & Events

11/14/13 - Annual Book Award Ceremony @ 4:15pm in the Glendening Annex

2/5/14 - Annual Meeting for Resident PBK Members @ 4:45pm in the Glendening Annex

4/1/14 - Initiation Ceremony @ 5:30pm at the Historic State House; dinner following

2009-2010 Elections

The 2010 PBK Initiates

Congratulations to the 2010 inductees! The induction ceremony took place Tuesday, April 6.

  • Katharine T. Bamberger (Psychology, English)
  • Christopher Bryant Bradley (Economics)
  • Christine Suzanne Brock (International Languages & Cultures: Spanish, International Languages & Cultures: Latin American Studies)
  • Danielle J. Brown (Chemistry)
  • James Brian Caffey (Mathematics, nternational Languages & Cultures: Chinese)
  • Allison Marie Conner (Anthropology, History) * inducted as a junior
  • Michael Anthony Damiano (Physics)
  • Emily M. Fawcett (Biology)
  • Emily Beth Hagan (Political Science, English)
  • Sarah Kathryn Jordan (Biologym nternational Languages & Cultures: Spanish)
  • Dietrich Oskar Kiesewetter (Physics, Computer Science) * inducted as a junior
  • Sonja Katrina Kubik (Economics)
  • Claire Louise Marian (Psychology)
  • Allison Dale Minor (Political Science, Religion)
  • Emily Paige Myron (Biology)
  • Melissa Newcomb (English)
  • Ana Lucia Peterson (Chemistry)
  • Ian Douglas Prince (English, Theater, Film, & Media Studies)
  • Amanda Ruth Reynolds (Economics, International Languages & Cultures: Latin American Studies)
  • Louis Joseph Ritzinger (Political Science, Religion)
  • Julila Reed Shatto (TFMS)
  • Virginia M. Shimek (Sociology-Anthropology)
  • Amanda Leigh Siefert (Sociology)
  • Lara Nicole Southgate (English) * inducted as a junior
  • Karen Lynn Stark (ISDM)
  • Laura Katherine Swann (English)
  • Amelia Nora Tebbe (Mathematics)
  • Brian Peter Tennyson (Mathematics, Physics) * inducted as a junior
  • JaVon Lanysha Townsend (International Languages & Cultures: Spanish)
  • Kevin Charles Turek (Psychology)
  • Anna G. von Gohren (English, International Languages & Cultures: Spanish)
  • Zachary A. Weinkam (History)
  • Henry Ross Wixon (Music)
  • Scott Michael Zuke (Philosophy)