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David Kung
Professor of Mathematics

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Navigator Professors

Navigator Scholarship recipients will be matched with an academic advisor in their chosen field. These advisors also coordinate the Emerging Scholars Program sections. Each Navigator will be a student (the first-year Navigators) or a student assistant (the transfer Navigators) in the ESP in their chosen field.

Biology - Dr. Samantha Elliott

From the inner workings of a cell to the interplay of an ecosystem, explore the mysteries of the living world.

Chemistry & Biochemistry - Dr. Leah Eller

Investigate the interactions between matter and energy and build lab skills with cutting-edge equipment.

Computer Science - Dr. Lindsay Jamieson

From the fundamentals of programming, to how computers drive modern civilization, to programmable robots, discover all of the facets of computer science.

Mathematics - Dr. David Kung

Learn how to use the tools of calculus to predict the future, modeling motion, viral outbreaks, or climate change.

Physics - Dr. Josh Grossman

Learn about the universe and everything it contains, modeling extra dimensions, trapping atoms with lasers, or developing new sensors.