Summer at St. Mary's


Professor Jeffrey Silberschlag conducting the Chesapeake Orchestra at the River Concert Series.

Study abroad in Italy

Choir and Orchestra in Alba

You can participate in the Alba Music Festival, two weeks of intensive music making in the north of Italy.


I personally enjoyed every minute and confess to suffering "PianoFest withdrawal symptoms" when we got home yesterday! It was truly a great experience - not only do you learn things about your own playing, but there's also so much to learn from hearing others play too - and, of course, we had the added pleasure of your wonderful recitals!  St Mary's is such a beautiful spot in which to spend a musical weekend, and I'm looking forward to next year already!

Anne Williams
Pianist, Community Outreach Program Coordinator and past President
Adult Music Student Forum, Washington, D.C.


Thank you all so very much for the immense recharging of knowledge, musicianship, and beauty that each one of you and all of you collectively brought together at this year's Piano Fest at St. Mary's College of Maryland. Each summer is one of the times I find myself thirsty for the quiet, reflective, positive energy that flows from you all. Though peaceful, the energy and enthusiasm for the obvious and hidden mysteries inherent in whatever music is brought to you gushes into my spirit. My sincerest gratitude to you and to the school for sponsoring this artistic event.

Charlotte Holliday
Pianist and Teacher, Germantown, MD