Summer at St. Mary's


Professor Jeffrey Silberschlag conducting the Chesapeake Orchestra at the River Concert Series.

Study abroad in Italy

Choir and Orchestra in Alba

You can participate in the Alba Music Festival, two weeks of intensive music making in the north of Italy.


Private Lesson General Information

Students taking private lessons from our faculty can expect the following as a minimum commitment from their teacher:

  • Eight private lessons of approximately one-hour duration. Some teachers may meet more often for shorter lessons.
  • Two 2-hour masterclasses or equivalent, depending on the studio. Some studios may not have masterclasses, but instead two more 1-hour lessons.
  • You should expect to see your teacher, in lessons and masterclasses, twelve hours during the semester.

The details of how this is executed, as well as policies about missed lessons, practice, performance and progress expectations, etc., are at the discretion of the individual teacher.  Please consult with your teacher and see his/her syllabus for specific information.

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