Summer at St. Mary's


Professor Jeffrey Silberschlag conducting the Chesapeake Orchestra at the River Concert Series.

Study abroad in Italy

Choir and Orchestra in Alba

You can participate in the Alba Music Festival, two weeks of intensive music making in the north of Italy.



At the end of each semester, the faculty will hear students perform in “juries.” The fall semester juries are for sophomores (majors and prospective majors) and graduating senior majors.  Spring juries are for ALL students studying privately.  Private instructors may, in some cases, excuse non-major students from having to play a spring jury, but this is unusual.  Dates and times for juries will be posted in the display case (outside of MH 25) prior to the jury date.  If the assigned time is not possible, it is your responsibility to change times with another student.

Singers are required to have juries accompanied, and usually a member of the music faculty will be present at the jury to accompany you, unless you arranged on your own to bring someone else.  If you expect to be accompanied and do not have your own accompanist, you MUST bring a copy of the music for the accompanist to use (and use the guidelines provided in the Accompanist section of this handbook for information on how to prepare a copy).

Instrumentalists should make their own arrangements for juries if they wish to have an accompanist.

Your private lesson grade is awarded by the private instructor.  At the time of your jury, all music faculty present (including the instructor, if present) will complete a jury sheet (click here for a sample blank jury sheet).  The comments by the faculty will be taken into consideration by the instructor in his/her final grading. After the jury day, you may read the comments on jury sheets. The people in the Music Office will keep these on file.

Along with each semester’s private lesson grade, the full-time faculty and the private lesson instructor will, in the first semester of your sophomore year, advise you of your progress, and, on the basis of this progress, will inform you of your chances for successful completion of the music major (see “First Assessment” in the "St. Mary's Project Procedural Guidelines" section of this handbook).

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