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Faculty and Staff

Photo of Julia A. King

Julia A. King
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Office: Kent Hall, Room 301
Phone Number: (240) 895-4398

Photo of Ken Cohen

Ken Cohen
Coordinator, Museum Studies Program; Assistant Professor of History
Office: Kent Hall, Room 124
Phone Number: 240-895-2220

Why Museum Studies:"I am interested in communicating research to the general public. Museum Studies offers an opportunity for me to do that, and to help students do it, too."

Photo of Christopher Tanner

Christopher Tanner
Marine and Estuarine Ecologist
Office: Schaefer Hall Room 214
Phone Number: 240-895-4374

Why Museum Studies:"My connection with museum studies comes from working in the University of British Columbia Herbarium as a graduate student and from a postdoctoral fellowship at the Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, in Washington D.C. Museums provide many career opportunities for biologists such as curation of scientific collections and biological/ecological research."

Photo of Cristin Cash

Cristin Cash
Associate Professor of Art History: Art of the Americas, Architectural History; Boyden Gallery Coordinator
Office: Montgomery Hall 140a
Phone Number: 240-895-4439

Photo of Joseph Lucchesi

Joseph Lucchesi
Department of Art History
Office: Montgomery Hall, Room 145
Phone Number: (240) 895-4248

Why Museum Studies:"My involvement with Museum Studies comes from my professional work as a curator as well as my interest in object-based teaching, an essential component of an art history curriculum. Because museum and gallery exhibitions and educational programs connect objects to cultural meanings and communicate those meanings to audiences, they offer important opportunities to put art history into practice, often in an interdisciplinary context. So teaching in Museum Studies helps me prepare students for future professions interpreting art for the public in a variety of scholarly, critical, or popular venues and from many disciplinary perspectives."

Photo of Regina Faden

Regina Faden
Executive Director, Historic St. Mary's City
Phone Number: 240-895-4960

Why Museum Studies:"I joined Historic St. Mary’s City (HSMC) as Executive Director in October 2008. At HSMC I have been engaged with fundraising, research, and developing new program and marketing initiatives. "

Photo of Barbara Beliveau

Barbara Beliveau
Assistant Professor of Economics
Office: Kent Hall, Room 116
Phone Number: 240-895-4431

Photo of Walter Cofield

Walter Cofield
Executive Director, Historic London Town and Gardens; Edgewater, MD

Why Museum Studies:"I enjoy talking with students about the many different types of museums (from the stately Metropolitan Museum of Art to the International Rattlesnake Museum), how they came into being, and the challenges facing them today. Talking with students has kept my ideas about museums fresh by allowing me to discuss things outside of the usual museum profession."