St. Mary's College of Maryland

Why Should You Get Involved?

 Heber DiazHeber Diaz, First-Year
                                         Class of 2015

             I think that the whole idea of the Multicultural Achievement Peer Program is excellent. Personally, I think that by being a part of this program, my transition to college life has gone a lot smoother. It is noticeable that the mentors care about their mentees and that they love working with us.

            My mentor has significantly affected me especially. Going into a new environment can be very scary, especially college. There is a lot to worry about including things that are not specific to academics. My mentor has helped me in so many ways; ranging from academics all the way to the social life at St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

            Firstly, one of the most important things that that the Multicultural Achievement Peer Program and mentors have helped me on is my academics and work ethics. I am constantly encouraged to try my best. What I really enjoy about this aspect of the mentors is that they won’t just tell you what to do; they actually study with you and help you find different ways to study. So far, I have discovered some of the things that work for me; study-wise. Something as simple as glancing at my mentor studying and working hard next to me in the library pushes me to want to work hard too. This is also true for the mentors. They too are students and may need a little push here and now. We, the mentees sometimes are those who help push them. I like this because the relationship between my mentor and I isn’t one where she is superior to me. Even though she may have more insight because she is my mentor, we still help each other out.

            Additionally, my MAPP mentor has helped me ease into the culture at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. She advises me on many things to know about this campus. It feels great to have someone who has been in this college for so long to help you with something that I may not be sure about in the college.

            One event particular event that my MAPP mentor has been of significant support to me was when I had to withdraw from my Principles of Biology class. I was doing to well in the class I felt pretty lost. I talked to my advisor and professor, but It wasn’t the same as to talk to an actual student who may have gone through a similar situation. Tensia advised me and directed me to people that I needed to speak with about this issue. Many other events have also occurred, where my MAPP mentor has helped me.

            Finally, I’d like to conclude by saying that the Multicultural Achievement Program has had a great affect on this new experience of mine, going to college. Having a mentor that cares about you and that understand things that a student at St. Mary’s may go through makes a big difference and I am grateful for it.