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The Class of 2013

Written by Barbara Geehan

Professor Julia King talks with newly accepted students and their parents

(This is based on the students who were accepted as new, first-year students as of press time.)

Home state or country:
Successful applicants went to high school in 35 states and 10 foreign countries (Abu Dhabi, China, Israel, Palestine, Tunisia, India, Greece, Bermuda, Italy, Northern Mariana Islands)

They are citizens of 23 countries other than the United States (Algeria, Benin, Brazil, Canada, China (we expect seven to nine students from Beijing or Shanghai), Dominican Republic, Egypt, England, India, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, The Philippines, Russia, Slovakia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Venezuela)

15% will be first-generation college students

21% are Hispanic or from a racial minority

Earned an average of 3.5 in academic courses (on a 4-point scale)

Had an average transcript GPA of 4.0 (includes weighted grades)

More than half took five or more Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or college classes while in high school

Most interesting essay: "China in the developed world: The price of admission"

"The value of anonymity, or how internet social anonymity affects culture and psychology"

Interesting honor:

Intel Science Fair Winner
Maryland Eagle Scout of the Year

Fascinating activity:
Small computer business like "Geek
2006 Pennsylvania State pokemon

Sample comments and misconceptions collected by the admissions staff this year:

"It is really green, and is that the ocean?" The visitor was from Arizona.

"This was really great! Do I have to go back to high school?"

"Do you mean the teachers don't just tell you what they want you to do?"

"Can I really major in biology, history, and English?"

"I want to come here!!!" exclaims a parent.

"Where's the city?"

That Historic St. Mary's City IS the "city."

That the College is on the Eastern Shore.

Arriving at 7 a.m. on a Monday morning for an 8:30 a.m. admissions event, a mother asked, "What student event could they attend" before the admissions program began? All we could suggest was breakfast in the Great Room.