Program Highlights

This year Dave Kung gave one of the MAA's Distinguished Lecture Series talks in DC! Watch the short version of the talk above, read more about it at the MAA website, or watch the entire talk

Student Spotlight

2012 SMCM Putnam Team

The 2012 Putnam Team - 

the 71th ranked team out of 578

college and universities

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The SMCM Math and Computer Science Foundation, is part of the SMCM Foundation.  Using donations from faculty, alums, parents, and friends of the department, we support a variety of activities including:

  • sending students to conferences
  • rewarding top students with year-end awards 
  • the annual Putnam Party
  • awards to the top local high school mathematics students
  • free espresso for visitors to Schaefer Hall

Please consider supporting our students with a donation.  Any amount (even just $25) can help improve the experiences we provide out math and computer science majors.  When donating, please remember to designate your gift to the Math/CS Foundation.

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