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This year Dave Kung gave one of the MAA's Distinguished Lecture Series talks in DC! Watch the short version of the talk above, read more about it at the MAA website, or watch the entire talk

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Emerging Scholars Program - Research Experience for Undergraduates


June 17 - July 26, 2013

2013 ESP-REU Group


[The 2013 program participants.]


Please note: the ESP-REU will not be held in the Summer of 2014.

Our REU program is for bright, eager rising sophomores and juniors who have completed at least two semesters of Calculus - but have not taken any upper-level mathematics courses (i.e. Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Topology, etc.) to join us at SMCM for a six week research experience in mathematics!




ESP-REU Highlights:

    • study with expert mathematicians
    • collaborate with other students
      interested in math
    • work on unsolved problems
    • prove new theorems
    • enjoy SMCM’s idyllic setting on the
      shores of the St. Mary’s River
    • take weekend trips to Washington, DC and Baltimore
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Research Topics:

The 12 REU participants will each join one of the three research teams, looking into a mathematical question that nobody knows the answer to!

Discrete Dynamics (with Dr. Susan Goldstine) - Cellular automata produce startlingly complex patterns by iterating a few very simple rules.  Traditionally, these cellular automata run in an infinite world, or at least a very large one, but what if we add constraints to make our world much, much smaller?  What new structures will emerge?
game of life
Graph Theory Graph Theory (with Dr. Alan Jamieson) - You can dominate a graph with a set of vertices if every vertex in the graph is at most one edge away from a vertex in your set. How can you determine the smallest dominating set? What algorithms might help you arrive at an answer? How do you know these algorithms will stabilize, giving you an answer? Self-stabilizing algorithms for the domination problem and other related graph theoretic properties provide fertile ground for a summer research project.
Knot Theory (with Dr. Sandy Ganzell) - Knots are familiar objects. But in this research project we will move quickly from the familiar to the abstract, all the way to the forbidden. And we'll work out all our knots along the way.
Sandy's blackboard


Five REU students with Katherine Socha


Participants receive a $3500 stipend for participation in the ESP-REU, in addition to room and board for the six weeks. Some funds to cover travel expenses is available.

Applicant Requirements:

  • success in Calculus I & II
  • no experience in upper-level mathematics courses (e.g. Analysis, Abstract Algebra, or Topology)
  • full-time undergraduate the following Fall
  • US citizen or permanent resident (this is an inflexible NSF requirement)
  • students from groups who are under-represented in mathematics are particularly encouraged to apply
  • alums of Treisman-style workshops (called Emerging Scholars Programs, Merit Scholars, Professional Development Programs, Math Excel, etc.) are particularly encouraged to apply


Application Instructions:

There will be no REU program for Summer 2014.  The St. Mary's Math and Computer Science Department will reapply for funding and there may be a program in Summer 2015.


Supported by the National Science Foundation (Grant: DMS-1005046)

National Science Foundation