Program Highlights

This year Dave Kung gave one of the MAA's Distinguished Lecture Series talks in DC! Watch the short version of the talk above, read more about it at the MAA website, or watch the entire talk

Student Spotlight

2012 SMCM Putnam Team

The 2012 Putnam Team - 

the 71th ranked team out of 578

college and universities

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Faculty and Students at the 2006 Chili Festival

Outreach - see what we're doing to outside of our classrooms to make sure students of all ages love math and CS!

Virtual SMCM - take virtual reality tours of the campus, the product of numerous CS majors' work.

Awards - every year we hand out awards to our top students.

Klein Bottle Openers - see the prize behind the door labeled "math major"

Emerging Scholars Program - leveling the playing field for students in Calculus and Computer Science I.

Facebook Groups - we've got both Math and CS Facebook Groups.

Songs - Maureen Shanahan wrote and recorded this official SMCM Math Soundtrack.

Links - Math and CS places you might want to go.

FOM Projects - The Hall of Fame for Foundations of Mathematics semester projects (Math 281, called FOM by everyone here) .