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This year Dave Kung gave one of the MAA's Distinguished Lecture Series talks in DC! Watch the short version of the talk above, read more about it at the MAA website, or watch the entire talk

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2012 SMCM Putnam Team

The 2012 Putnam Team - 

the 71th ranked team out of 578

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Prospective math students with financial need - the STEM Navigator program might be for you! Thanks to a National Science Foundation grant, we will be awarding scholarships from $5,000 to $10,000 per year to new and transfer students planning to study science or math at SMCM. For more, check out the Navigator page. 

Several times each semester we have guest Mathematics and Computer Science speakers from around the world at our Math Club, CS Club, Math&CS Research Seminar, and the Natural Science and Mathematics Colloquium Series.   These are posted (and archived) in the "Left-Column-Bottom" Google Calendar.  We try to keep this up to date.  On this page we post additional News from the department ...(For older news: Newsletter2007, Newsletter2004-2005, Newsletter2002.  Also: Alumni News.)

2013 Dr. Susan Goldstine's artwork wins national award!

2013 Drs. Emek Kose and Casey Douglas have been awarded the Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics (CURM) grant for their project, “Maps and Mirrors.” The grant will allow them to fund three students to assist with research for one year.

2013 Dr. Avraham Bourla's paper "Bounding the growth rate in consecutive Jager pairs" has just been accepted for publication in the Journal of Number Theory!

2012 Dr. Susan Goldstine's artwork was accepted for the Joint Mathematics Meeting Art Exhibition.

2012 Dr. Susan Goldstine and Dr. Ellie Baker just signed a contract with CRC Press to publish their book in progress, Crafting Conundrums: Puzzles and Patterns for the Bead Crochet Artist.  The book will present the fruits of their research over the past few years on applying mathematics to the art of bead crochet and will include over 80 bracelet patterns resulting from their investigations!


2012 MathFest 2012 Madison Reunion!

2012 Dr. Susan Goldstine's joint paper with Dr. Ellie Baker,"Building a better bracelet: Wallpaper patterns in bead crochet," was the cover article for the Journal of Mathematics and the Arts!

2012 Dr. Susan Goldstine's joint paper with Dr. Ellie Baker,"Bead Crochet Bracelets: What Would Escher Do?" appeared in the proceedings of the international Bridges Conference! Susan and Ellie also led a workshop and taught participants how to bead crochet! Also on exhibit at the conference was their 'Toriodal Tesselations' piece!

2012 The Joint Mathematics Meetings Exhibition of Art featured "Crystallographic Bracelet Series," a joint work by Dr. Susan Goldstine and Dr. Ellie Baker!

2012 Dr. Emek Kose received a MAA Tensor Women and Mathematics Grant for developing and teaching a Women in Mathematics course with an outreach component. As part of the class, students will be working with and mentoring twenty girls at Spring Ridge Middle School and through this, each Women in Math student will be a part of creating a positive change for the future and will feel empowered.

2012 Dr. Alex Meadow's joint article with Andrew MacLaughlin (SMCM Math 2009), "Chomp in Disguise", was accepted for publication by the College Mathematics Journal!

2012 Dr. Dave Kung was asked to give one of the prestigious “Carriage House” talk this year! The talk on Mathematics and Music, which will include two members of the National Symphony Orchestra, will be 7pm 2/26/13 at the Carnegie Institute of Science.

2012 Greg Herpel (CS 2012) chooses PhD program (in CS) at George Washington University.

2012 Nora Stack  (Math 2014) and her REU group won an Outstanding Presentation Award at Math Fest in Madison, Wisconsin for their talk "Harmonic Functions and Walk on Spheres"!

2012 Demetre Kazaras' 2011 St. Mary's Project  (joint with Ivan Sterling) accepted for publication in Pacific Journal of Mathematics (a top notch mathematics research journal).

2012 Joe McKenna (Math 2008) chooses PhD program (in Biomathematics) at Florida State University!

2012 Dr. Dave Kung got promoted to Full Professor!


2012 Chairman Dr. Sandy Ganzell receives a Klein-Bottle Bottle Opener! (It actually IS a Klein Bottle that opens bottles!)

2012 Dr. Aliza Steurer (Math 2000) got tenure and was promoted to Associate Professor of Mathematics at Dominican University!

2012 Dr. Ivan Sterling gave a Colloquium talk at Drexel University!


2012 Ella Hankins well orders the set of wells!  Drawing accepted for publication in MAA FOCUS!


2012 SMCM Math Majors with Dave Kung, Alex Meadows and Peter Lo (Math 2006) at Spring 2012 Sectional Meeting of the MAA!

2012 Dr. Dave Kung is Plenary Lecturer at Spring 2012 Sectional Meeting of the MAA!

2012 Ella Hankins (Math 2013) got accepted into the Budapest Mathematics Program!

2012 Virgina Nearing (CS 2010) chooses Master's program (in CS) at Clemson University!

2012 Mike Firrisa  (Math 2009) chooses PhD program (in Mathematics) at Dartmouth University!


2012 Emma Decker  (Math 2012) chooses PhD program (in Mathematics) at Rice University!


2012 Boston: 22 SMCM folk were at the Joint Math Meetings.  6 faculty, 4 Students, 7 Alum, and 5 Former Faculty!  Presentations included Talks, Posters and Panels!

2012 Dr. Jessica O'Shaughnessy (formerly Wolf) (Math 2004) will be an Adjunct Professor at Hood College starting Fall 2012.

2011 (Belated!) Doctor!'Jessica O'Shaughnessy (formerly Wolf) (Math 2004) PhD (in Math) completed 2010 at the University of Ireland, Galway.

2011 A record 36 SMCM Math students took the Putman!

2011 Math&CS Department hires visiting mathematics instructor!  Dr. Yanting Liang.

2011 Lauren Blount (Math 2009) and John Ross (Math 2009) are engaged!

2011 Dr. Kevin Beanland (Math 2002) receives prestigious Fulbright Award!

2011 Doctor! Gwyneth Whieldon (Math & Physics 2004) completed her PhD at Cornell and is now Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Hood College.

2011 Dr. Brandt Kronheim (Visiting Math Professor 2010-2011) accepts a visiting professor position at Whittier College!

2011 Dr. Rika Hagihara (Visiting Math Professor 2010-2011) accepts a post-doc at the University of Melbourne!

2011 SMCM's first Mathematics Concert: Dr. Dave Kung and his wonderful students taking Math & Music performed their final projects.  The program included mathematically-inspired compositions, demonstrations of mathematical principles, and performances on traditional and one-of-a-kind instruments (including the magical WonderPipe 4000).

2011 Demetre Kazaras (Math 2011) chooses PhD program (in Mathematics) at University of Oregon!

2011 Dr. Alex Meadows and eight students attended the MAA sectional meeting!

2011 Colby Long (Math 2009) chooses PhD program (in Mathematics) at North Carolina State University!

2011 Dr. David Kung Keynote Speaker and student talks by Brian Tennyson, Lydia Garcia, Demetre Kazaras at Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics (CURM) Spring Conference at BYU in Utah.

2011 Amelia Tebbe (Math 2010) receives a Graduate Research Fellowship (in Mathematics) from the National Science Foundation.

2011 Brian Tennyson (Math & Physics 2011) chooses PhD program (in Physics) at Yale University!

2011 Gwyneth Whieldon (Math & Physics 2004) has accepted a tenure track Mathematics Professorship at Hood College!

2011 Math&CS Department hires a new tenure track Professor!  Dr. Emek Kose Can.

2011 David Yost (Math 2009) accepts job at Baltimore City High School teaching Algebra II and Geometry!

2011 Mike Fogus (CS 1999) Publishes "The Joy of Clojure".

2011 Dr. Susan Goldstine has had another mathematical artwork accepted to an exhibit at a prestigious conference.  Her ceramic work, "Tea for Eight", will appear in the Joint Mathematics Meetings Exhibition of Mathematical Art in New Orleans in January.  The piece demonstrates that eight colors are necessary to color a map on a two holed torus.

2010 Lauren Gil (Math 2009) loves her new job at Baltimore City High School teaching five! sections of Algebra II!

2010 Department Wins Huge NSF Grant

2010 Article about Department submitted to FOCUS

2010 Dr. Katherine Socha Highlighted Speaker at 2011 Joint AMS/MAA Meeting

2010 Dr. Alex Meadows becomes Senior Member of the Center for Geometric Analysis and Data



2010 Nine students go along with professor Dr. Brandt Kronholm to SUMS conference at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. The conference was on Saturday, October 23. Several of our students gave presentations about their various REU's and Student Projects.

2010 Dr. Susan Goldstine exhibits at Joint AMS/MAA Meeting

2010 Lauren Blount (2009)  accepted into John Hopkins Master's in Applied Mathematics program starting Spring 2011.

2010 Dr. Casey Douglas has 62 page dissertation Genus One Scherk Surfaces and Their Limits accepted by Journal of Differential Geometry, one of the most prestigious international research journals in mathematics.

2010 Doctor! Kristine Roinestad (Math & Valedictorian, 2004) completed her PhD at Virgina Tech and is now Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Georgetown College.

2010 SMCM wins honorable mention at international Math Modeling Competition.

2010 Amelia Tebbe (2010) chooses PhD program at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

2010 Rachel Johns (2008) excitedly accepts job teaching mathematics at Howard High School!

Dave giving Math-Music talk

Dr. Dave Kung giving the 2010 MAA Undergraduate Lecture in Mathematics at the San Francisco Joint Meetings. The talk, which features musical exerpts that illustrate mathematical ideas, drew a standing-room-only crowd of 400 people.

2009 Drs. Alan and Lindsey Jamieson establish Robotics Lab.  (Update 2010: Lindsey will teach (a crowded) Robotic Class to CS Majors Spring 2011.)


2009 Dr. Ivan Sterling keynote speaker at famous mathematician Henry Wente's retirement.

2009 James Marshall (Math&CS 2009) chooses PhD program at George Washington University.

2009 John Ross (Math 2009) chooses PhD program at Johns Hopkins University.

2009 Dr. Susan Goldstine exhibits at Joint AMS/MAA Meeting


Sandy in Portland

Dr. Sandy Ganzell giving an invited lecture at 2009 MathFest in Portland Oregon. The wildly popular talk was titled "Hot Jones" for the mysterious holiday drink in Homestar Runner. The lecture was one of eight given in a session on Open and Accessible Problems in Knot Theory.

2009 Dr. Katherine Socha Invited Speaker at MAA Sectional Meeting


2008 St. Mary's College of Maryland Professor Dr. Katherine Socha in the classroom. Socha was honored with the Henry L. Alder Award for Distinguished Teaching and the Lester R. Ford Award by the Mathematics Association of America (MAA) at MathFest 2008 in Madison, Wisconsin. (Photo: Marc Apter/SMCM)

2008 Dr. Susan Goldstine Invited Speaker at MAA Sectional Meeting


2008 Dr. Ivan Sterling co-discovers new class of pseudospherical surfaces.

2008 Dan Tanner (Math 2008) chooses PhD program at Rice University.

2008 Doctor! Patty Lafferty (Math 1996) completed her PhD (in Computer Science) at Catholic University.

2007 Josh Ballew (Math 2007) chooses PhD program at University of Maryland College Park.