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Work on this page is always in progress.  If you are a MathCS graduate, or know one, whose information is in need of updating, please contact Ivan Sterling.

Omotola A. Awofolu (CS 2002) Last Seen (2003) as Java Developer at PECInc., Virginia.

Josh Ballew (Math 2007) was last seen heading to the University of Maryland - College Park for graduate school.

Jack Banks (CS 2004) is seen periodically through postcards from around the world! He writes: "I've gotten my dream job. I'll be traveling about 50% of the time. I'll be part of a team that will be installing hard/software for passport/visa processing in every US embassy in the world. I am very excited. I'll be teaching consular staff how to operate the system (once I learn). I'll get to visit about 13 countries a year. Did I mention that I am very excited?"

Kevin Beanland (Math 2002) of Richmond, VA was last seen as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Virginia Commonwealth University. After finishing his Ph.D. in Real Analysis at the University of South Carolina in 2006, he taught at Amherst College for one year. He is married and has at least one child - they all return to St. Mary's County periodically to knock on Ivan's window at odd hours of the night.

Denise Lang Bennett (Math 1988) of Callaway, MD was Last seen as a Senior Simulation Engineer J.F. Taylor, Inc.

Andrew Todd Bernstein (CS 2000) of Canoga Park, California was last seen as a Software Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin

Allison Elizabeth Bradford (Math 2000) of New Windsor, Maryland was last seen as a Researcher, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

Matthew John Breymaier (CS 1999) of Rockville, Maryland was last seen as a Graduate Student in Computer Science, University of VA.

Jason Bryan (CS 2004) last seen 2005: I started a job at The Windermere Group. They're based in Annapolis. I'm a software engineering with their information assurance dept...and I'll actually get to do some artificial intelligence work. I have been accepted to UMBC for the fall semester. I got engaged back in November. So I'll be getting married next June.
So all in all, everything's going really well for me.

Anne Burgess (Math 2006) of Reston, VA was Last seen after graduation, working as an Actuarial Consultant for Wachovia Retirement Services.

Susan Davis Butler (Math 1973) of Ellicott City, MD was last seen (in 2002) as a Senior Programmer/Analyst for Sweetheart Cup Co.

I received the Mattie M. Key award and although I planned to teach math, I ended up being a computer programmer and for 9 years taught Intro to Computers & Computer Science as adjunct faculty at Catonsville Community College. I am now a senior programmer/analyst for Sweetheart Cup Co.

St. Mary's did not have a CS degree when I attended. I became interested in computer programming thru a 2-semester class in Fortran taught by Anne York. Then, as a student aide to the Math Dept. during my senior year, I programmed the Wang Calculator in Dr. Stark's office to type a form letter on an IBM Selectric typewriter. A combination of switches was entered for each letter, tab, space, punctuation mark, etc. The typewriter was set to pause each time I had to type specific data into the form letter. It took hours to enter the one page letter and test it until it was right. In the long run, it saved me a lot of time because I didn't have to type the whole letter each time. I realized then that I didn't mind tedious work and gained a lot of pleasure watching it work correctly every time!

I still enjoy programming and am glad that St. Mary's gave me my start.

Susan Davis Butler

Lisa Byrne (Math 2006) was evacuated from her Peace Corps posting in Kenya during the unrest early in 2008. She returned to the DC area and is working in the internet sales division of GEICO.

Jason Catterton (Math 2006) of Lexington Park was last seen programming for Sabre Systems Inc.

Timothy K. Cavanaugh (Math 1999) of Glen Burnie, Maryland was last seen as a Software Engineer, IIT Research Institute.

Sean Michael Clancy (CS 2000) of College Park, Maryland was last seen in Web Services, SMCM.

David Clewell (Math 2006) of Baltimore was last seen climbing the corporate ladder at T. Rowe Price, while also making progress on his MBA.

Laura H. Cosentino (Math 1991) of College Park, Maryland was last seen: I now have a MS in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. I work for Computer Sciences Corporation supporting NASA as a software engineer.

Jonathan Michael Crawford (Math 1986) of Jessup, MD was last seen as a VP of Engineering, Ecologic Systems Corporation.

Kimberly R. Creagor (Math 1999) of Suffolk, Virginia was last seen as a Data Analyst, Capital One.

Natalie Cullen (Math 2004) last seen 2005: I am teaching part time at the College of Southern Maryland and loving it. In order to be full time faculty I need a master's degree so I am pursuing one in education from the University of Phoenix online.

Clayton Williams Culp (Math 2001) of Arnold, Maryland was last seen Student Teaching in Secondary Education, he's teaching Math at Broadneck High, coaches JV baseball and is a senior class advisor.

Philip Delaney (Math 1991) I am now working as a Pharmacy Analyst at Humana, Inc. in Louisville, KY. My eldest son, Ryan, is carrying on the math gene and last year, at age 11,  won the Junior Mathematics Division of the Louisville Regional Science Fair with his project “Chaos Patterns in a Square”, an investigation into symmetries of 4-planer attractor iterated function systems based on scaling functions.

Diane Marie Dixon (Math 2000) of Pasadena, Maryland was last seen as a Mathematical Statistician, IRS Statistics of Income Division.

David Eirich (CS 2006) last seen at graduation. After graduation, I will finish a number of personal programming projects, while searching for a software engineering job in either the government or at a software development firm.

Paul Fiene (Math 1992) passed away on December 2, 2005. He is survived by his wife, Constance Kordell Fiene who resides in Australia.

Michael Eli Fogus (CS 1999) of Washington D.C. Last seen working at SAIC on the TENA middleware for distributed simulation project (

Felicia D. Glaud (Math 1999) of Forestville, Maryland was last seen (in 2002) as a Performance Analyst, Honeywell at Goddard Space Flight Center.

Hello to all! Currently, I'm working for Honeywell at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD as a Performance Analyst. I know you might ask what that is. In a nutshell, my job is to collect science data from satellites, make sure there are no errors, and send the data to NASA. The satellites I'm working with now are TRMM (Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission) and HST (The Hubble Telescope). In the past, I have worked with SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory), SAMPEX (Solar Anomalous and Magnetospheric Particle Explorer), GRO (GammaRay Observatory), and XTE (X-Ray Timing Explorer).

I'm currently working part time towards my master's degree in computer science. I should be finished in May 2004.

In my spare time, I help defend animals from abuse and cruelty by working with local animal rights organizations and volunteering at local animal shelters. I'm still designing webpages. My goal is to have my own web designing company after I receive my master's degree.

Dr. Melanie Butler (formally Hancock) (Math 1999) of Sykesville, Maryland was last seen (in 2004) as an assistant professor in the math dept at West Virginia University.

I am writing in response to your letter. I graduated in 1999 from the math dept. Since then I have been in graduate school at Temple University in Philadelphia. I will receive my masters degree in January and then I will continue to work toward my PhD. I am studying to take my orals at the beginning of the summer. I am planning on working with Dr. Edward Letzter in noncommutative algebra. I am also teaching at Temple. This semester I am teaching two mathematics courses. I have taught four other courses in the past. I greatly enjoy teaching and I hope to continue doing so when I finish my degree.

Melanie Hancock

Updated: I graduated in August (2004) with a PhD in math from Temple University. I an now an assistant professor in the math dept at West Virginia University. I am also a member of the Institute for Mathematics Learning at WVU. My thesis was in non-commutative ring theory.

Lance Lee Harris (Math 2000) of Arnold, Maryland was last seen as a Budget/Cost Analyst, Northrop Grumman and Graduate Student in Applied and Computational Math, Johns Hopkins University.

I am writing in regards to your letter concerning what it is that Math majors from SMCM do after they graduate. That's funny, I was asked that same thing numerous times while I was a student there. Anyway, after I graduated with a BS in Math, I was employed as a Mathematical Statistician with the USPS Office of Inspector General, a federal Gov't agency located in Arlington, VA. I worked there for the summer basically, but got bored and went to the private industry with a company called Northrop Grumman, where I am currently employed as a Budget/Cost Analyst. I am also a part time student at Johns Hopkin's University, where I am about half way done with a Master's degree in the Applied and Computational Math program. I should complete those requirements by the end of next year. I hope this info is helpful to your cause.

As a side note, I think that from the numerous interviews I've been on, and contacts I've made, there is a pretty positive view of Math majors from SMCM, especially within Gov't agencies such as the IRS, USPS OIG, DCM, etc. I believe the school is viewed favorably by many employers in the Maryland, DC, VA area, and the Math/Comp Sc. Major is considered one of the more difficult. I believe that there are many of those graduates at the IRS, I can think of at least three just from conversations I've had with people over there.

Keeping in mind that many graduates rarely do anything in their major once they leave school, I've found that in general, those coming with a "technical" major (ie Physics, Math, etc) are considered intelligent and more capable of learning on the job. I think this feeling comes from the fact that either a person is good at Math, or isn't, and those that aren't find it amazing that some people are experts at the technical aspect of life. Hence the favorable opinion on the learning capabilities of such graduates.

As far as answering people's questions concerning job opportunities for the Math/Comp. Sc majors, I'd tell them that there is essentially no field that is out of reach for people with these degrees. The crossover to any field, such as Investing, Business Management, Finance, Teaching, etc, is an easy one with this type of background. I've had no problem finding a job, and in fact was offered a job at every place I applied for (8 total, I think). So I have no complaints.


Sarah Hughes (Math 2004) of Boston was last seen working in marketing for an online furniture retailer. Last we heard, she was planning to return to school and earn a teaching certificate.

Carolyn A. Jarboe (Math 1990) of Great Mills, Maryland was last seen as Manager of Global Support Operations, PeopleSoft.

Rachel Johns (Math 2008) Earlier today I signed my contract with Howard County Public Schools!  I will be teaching at Howard High School this year and it looks like I will have Algebra 1 and Pre-Calculus classes!!  I am very, very excited and I can't wait to start and meet all of my new students!!

Jason Kleban (CS 2004) last seen 2005: Most recently I've been evaluating workflow and electronic forms platforms that we're interested in deploying company wide. It's a very fun arena because no one has a complete solution yet. The two main vendors I've dealt with on this project are OpenText and Microsoft. I've been working closely with these and their supporting vendors to weave together an elegant solution. There's so much to consider! Security, flexibility, client requirements, integration with existing infrastructure, technology maturity. On the dev side, I'm technical lead with one developer on my team for a new (not yet released). I never thought it was anything special, but my college-got knowledge of data structures, cryptography, languages, operating systems, networking, etc. come into play all the time in ways I didn't predict. Even at high levels of abstraction I apply these concepts to improve our code performance, manageability, and have more confidence in designs that don't attempts to reinvent the wheel. In addition, I've been able to pass some of this knowledge onto coworkers though repurposed lab assignments or just random instructional sessions. I could get by without the cs/math theory, as my coworkers do, but I often see poor decisions in their code which costs them time and rewrites as they paint themselves into corners. I just got back from Japan and Taiwan too on my first paid vacation. That was pretty cool ... thanks for teaching me.

Constantin Kostenko (CS 2001) was last seen working with Booz Allen Hamilton, a global strategy and technology consulting firm, as a client centered practicing software architecture professional specializing in integrating the needs of business stakeholders into intelligent designs that produce tangible software solutions. The areas of specialization include business problem analysis, software architecture design & analysis, and implementation oversight. His track record includes leading implementation & integration of custom and COTS web based software solutions through all phases of the SDLC. Constantin has been recognized is a Microsoft MVP (Solutions Architect) and recently completed the Software Architecture Professional program with the Software Engineering Institute. His experience spans across government, travel, financial, and education domains. He is the founder of - an independent and technology neutral resource of information on the discipline of software architectures."

Kara M. Lloyd (Math 1999) of Ellicott City, Maryland was last seen as a Logistician, Pax River NAWC.

Peter Lo (Math 2006) received his teaching certificate and was last seen teaching middle school math in the Baltimore area.

Linda S. Lunney (Math 1973) of Dahlgren, VA was last seen at Naval Surface Warfare Center,as a Principal Scientist / Program Manager.

Jeremy Lyman (CS 2004) was last seen at a job in Silver Spring, MD with a company called IMS. Working with GIS software, developing software extensions and mapping utilities, etc. The majority of my work is for the National Cancer Institute concerning national cancer registries.

James McSavaney (MathAlmost! 2008) I'm excited to announce to you that your letters were not in vain, and I will be studying at Emory next month in a three-year Masters of Divinity program. I specifically asked you to write letters for me because of character you exemplified in class and your impact on me.

Kristin L. Montgomery (Math 1999) of Rockville, Maryland was last seen as a PhD Student in Math, San Francisco State.

Jamie Elizabeth Morningstar (CS 2001) of Lexington Park, Maryland was last seen (in 2002) as a Software Engineer for epixtech, Inc.

After graduation in May 2001, I moved to Orem, Utah to be closer to the greatest snow on earth (both my husband and myself are avid skiers) and I've been working as a Software Engineer for a library software company, epixtech, Inc. My team is designing and implementing a new searching front end (not the database side, but the interface that the library patrons use) that is all web based and uses Java Server Pages to interact with the library's database.

I love working for libraries and I've also found that with my comparatively diverse liberal arts education I'm well suited to UI work because I can anticipate the user's needs as well as program. My coworkers are always a little confused when I explain that I have a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, since everybody else on my team graduated from BYU, which has a fairly technical program that doesn't delve much into the liberal arts. Unsure as they may be about having a liberal arts graduate, though, they do appreciate having an engineer who can actually use the English language fairly effectively.

I plan to start grad school part time in the fall, but for now I'm having a great time working, skiing, and waiting with eager anticipation for the Olympics!


Suzanne Michelle Ottone (now Gagnon) (Math 1992) of Derwood, Maryland was last seen with a MS in Math 1994; MEd in Elementary Ed & Special Ed in 1995. Married in 1996. Slowly pursuing PhD in Math and Math Ed. Teaching full time and at many levels: 1st grade to graduate courses; Math, Math Ed, Cooking and Tap Dancing!

Jami E. Parent (Math 1999) of Chesapeake Beach, Maryland was last seen as a Middle School Teacher, Calvert County.

Eric E. Reitinger (CS 2006) of Moorestown, NJ last seen at graduation. I will be working for Lockheed Martin in Moorestown, NJ programming for their Spy/Radar Department.

David Alexander Reumont (Math 1975 ) of Silver Spring, Maryland was Last seen as President, David A. Reumont CPA, P.C.

Douglas J Riley (Math 1980) of Cedar Crest, New Mexico.  PhD (Electrical Engineering) from Virginia Tech in 1986.  Former Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories (1983-2002).  Currently a Technical Fellow in the Aerospace Research Laboratories of Northrop Grumman Corporation.  Co-authored the text book Finite Element Analysis of Antennas and Arrays, Wiley, 2009.  Elected an IEEE Fellow in 2010 for contributions to transient techniques in computational electromagnetics.

Patricia Anne Ringer (CS 2000) of Lexington Park, Maryland was last seen as a Computer Scientist, Pax River NAWC.

Brian Christopher Ruhl (CS 2000) of Monkton, Maryland was last seen as a Systems Engineer, Motorola.

Courtney Russell (Math 2002) taught 3rd grad in Balt. County for 3 years, and i am now back in school at James Madison University getting a second masters in Sports and Recreation Management - i should graduate in 2008.

Gail Russell(Math 1981) last seen (in 2002)

As you may have noticed, it has been more than 20 years since I graduated from St. Mary's, but I return as often as possible to the Alumni Weekends. This year I had a lovely dinner with Richard Stark, and we happily remembered the old days and caught up with each other. Below is my contribution for your Alumni Feedback, from a somewhat different era.

I may be a not-so-recent graduate, but the memories of St. Mary's are still fresh. Dr. Stark was my mentor and friend, and he and the staff taught all of us many lessons, both in and out of the classroom. Today's students might find the Math department of my time to be like something from the dark ages. For example:

  1. There were just 4 full -time and 1 part-time staff members.
  2. The math lounge was a tiny room next to the fire escape on the third floor of Calvert Hall.
  3. The St. Mary's College Mathematics Foundation was just started in my sophomore year
  4. The school had no mainframe computer of its own; we linked to the one at Towson, and we used punch cards (mostly) or one of 2 teletypes or 2 terminals to access it.
  5. There was no major in the computer sciences; only a major in Math with computer science emphasis.

We worked hard, had a lot of fun, and learned that we could do a lot more than we ever thought we could.

After graduation, I wound up near Houston, Texas for 10 years working for Ford Aerospace (later bought by Loral) as part of the Shuttle Training Aircraft project: modified Gulfstream jets loaded with our systems that mimic Space Shuttle behavior as they land. I was fortunate to meet a few of the astronauts, and they said our training was the best they had for landing. I also completed a Masters Degree in Computer Science, Software at the University of Houston. After that I returned to the Washington area to work for Loral here (later to be bought by Lockheed Martin). I have worked on various phases of the Hubble Space Telescope ground system which maintains the health & safety of the spacecraft.

Through it all, I was often asked how it was that I was so good at what I did, and my response was always the same: I was taught by the best at St. Mary's - they never let me get away with less than my best! My deepest

thanks to all of them.

Kim Rae Seltrecht (Math 2000) of Mechanicsville, Maryland was last seen as a Programmer/Analyst, St. Mary's Hospital.

Han Joon Seung (Math 1999) of North Potomac, Maryland was last seen as a Youth Minister at a Christian Youth Organization.

Maureen Anne Shanahan (Math 2001) of Derwood, Maryland last seen as a High School Math Teacher, Montgomery County.

Brian T. Shockey (Math 1999) of Clarksburg, Maryland was last seen as a Youth Minister at a Christian Youth Organization.

Matthew Jeffrey Skillman (CS 2000) of Ellicott City, Maryland is currently a Software Engineer with Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems in Baltimore where he is the Embedded Software lead for a variety of Radar platforms.

Andrew Sohn (Math 2006) of Baltimore was last seen after graduation, entering the teacher residency program in Baltimore County to become a high school math teacher.

Robert Franklin Stancil (Math 1988) of Leonardtown, MD was last seen as a Supervisory Computer Scientist, Naval Air Station, Photogrammetrics.

Aliza Anne Steurer (Math 2000) of Columbia, Maryland was last seen as a PhD Student in Mathematics, University of MD College Park.

Aaron Stout (Math 2006) was last seen at graduation heading off to a job as an engineer at Pinebrook, Inc.

Gwynn Sturdevant(CS 1999) of Silver Spring, Maryland was last seen as an Actuary in Northern Virginia.

Jesse Torgerson (CS 1999) of Landover, Maryland was last seen as a Computer Scientist, Lockheed Martin.

Dr. Roger Thelwell (Math1991) was last seen (in 2004) as post-doc in the Applied Math department at University of Washington in Seattle.

I received my PhD in math from Colorado State earlier this year, and currently have a two year post-doc in the Applied Math department at University of Washington in Seattle. I work in PDE, modeling and inverse problems.

I often think back (fondly) to my classes at St. Mary's. Dr. Richard Stark played a large role in my education, and I want to thank him for that. My undergraduate coursework was much more rigorous than many math grads seem to have - St. Mary's prepared me well.

Alex Tsikerdanos (Math 2006) was last seen heading to graduate school at Kutztown university in Student Affairs in Higher Education Administration, and working as a Residential Director.

Brad W. Turner(CS 2006) of Lexington Park was last seen locally. As far as plans after graduation I will be working full time at DCS as a software test engineer for either the Common Systems Integration program or the Military Flight Operations Quality Assurance program on PAX River Naval Air Station.

Mike White (Math1989) (Emailed 2005) I started working for DynCorp (in Lexington Park) shortly after graduating. In 1999, I started working for what is now Northrop Grumman PRB Systems, Inc. I am currently a Lead Analyst for NGPRB. I live in Lexington Park with my wife Amy and two boys Zac (7) and Sean (4).

Jessica Wolf (now O' Shaughnessy) (Math2004) (Emailed 2005) Just thought I would send you an email to let you know what this smcm grad is doing. I finished my M.Sc. in Communications Systems Theory in June, and I am graduating on 28th October. On August 13th I married my Irish fiance, I changed my name from Jessica Wolf to Jessica OShaughnessy, and I moved to Ireland. I also spent three weeks travelling with a honeymoon trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands and a from there we went to Bosnia and Croatia for about 10 days. I was also recently accepted and began work on my PhD here at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Overall it has been an extremely busy year, but it has been a lot of fun.

Paul L. Willoughby (Math 1990) of Lexington Park, Maryland was last seen as a Senior Engineer, Northrop Grumman PRB Systems.