Overdue Fines

The SMCM Library does not charge overdue fines on many of our own items and materials.

Things that do not receive overdue fines include:

  • Books
  • Audiovisual materials (CDs, DVDs, etc.)
  • Laptops
  • Equipment loaned from the circulation desk (headphones, extension cords, etc.)

Things that do receive overdue fines include:

  • Course reserve items
  • Media Center equipment
  • Items that have been recalled and are returned late (so if an SMCM-owned item ordinarily not subject to overdue fines--such as a book--is recalled and returned late, it will incur a fine)

If any item--regardless of whether or not it is subject to fines--is more than 45 days overdue (less for some types of materials) we consider it to be lost and a replacement fee (the amount varies depending on the type of material) is billed to the patron. This fee is rescinded if and when the item is returned or replaced. If the patron wishes to replace the item, they must contact Conrad Helms, Patron Services Librarian at cahelms@smcm.edu or (240) 895-3214 to obtain pre-approval for a replacement. Replacement items submitted without pre-approval will not be accepted. Replacement of the item must occur within one year of billing.

Our fines policies apply to all SMCM library users, including USMAI borrowers and local patrons.

Questions and/or concerns about library fines may be directed to Conrad Helms, Patron Services Librarian at (240) 895-3214 or cahelms@smcm.edu. Inquiries regarding Media Center items may be directed to Ken O'Connell at (240) 895-3116 or kmoconnell@smcm.edu.

USMAI/ILLiad materials

Books borrowed from other institutions--whether via USMAI or ILLiad--are always loaned according to the terms of the owning institution. Therefore, any item borrowed from another library may be subject to overdue fines when returned late. If a fine is incurred for a USMAI item and the patron wishes to dispute or appeal that fine, SMCM library staff members will not negotiate on anyone's behalf, but we can provide contact information for you to do so. Inquiries about ILLiad fines may be directed to Brenda Rodgers  at (240) 895-4437 or blrodgers@smcm.edu.